Stop the Jordan/LeBron Comparisons

posted by motorj77 August 21, 2012

Why people need to stop comparing Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

For starters, how can there be any comparisons made between a retired NBA player and a player who is barely half way through his career? Yes, you can compare stats at a specific stage in each of the player’s careers. However, most people are trying to figure out who is the real G.O.A.T.  STOP IT!

You can’t call someone the greatest of all time, if that person is yet to finish his career. Michael Jordan on the other hand, played 15 seasons in the NBA. He put up ridiculous numbers in just 15 seasons. Let us not forget that he retired several times, once taking a two to three year break and coming back to play with the Wizards. Imagine the numbers Jordan could have put up, had he not taken a year off to play baseball and not having retired at about 35 years of age. Kobe Bryant, which in my opinion is the only player in recent years that is anywhere close to being mentioned in the same breath as Jordan, has already played 16 seasons and is only 33.  There is no doubt that Jordan is the G.O.A.T and one can only imagine what else he could have done.

How does anyone begin to call a player the G.O.A.T when he is only 27 years old? LeBron has half of his career ahead of him. He may one day be the greatest of all time, but he still has to prove that. There is no telling what LeBron will do for the rest of his career. He can go on to have an amazing career or he can lose his skill. It isn’t likely that he will lose his skills, but he can suffer an injury. Jordan won 6 titles, Kobe has won 5, Bill Russell won 11, and LeBron has won 1. Yes, he still has a long road ahead and can win many more, but with the way the NBA is forming these super teams, I believe it will be difficult for him to even match Kobe. By the time, Kobe’s career is over he may have more rings.

I don’t believe anyone should be called the G.O.A.T until they have finished their career.  The day LeBron retires its fair game. Let everyone start the comparisons. However, I bet that when that day comes, the discussions will be between Kobe and Jordan. Sport analysts should instead focus on comparing LeBron to Kobe. That makes more sense. For now, Michael Jordan is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME…..And will continue to be until someone else can take over the game the way he did, be as clutch as he was, play sick and succeed, act in Space Jam and win 6 titles without having to team up with two other superstars from around the league. Good day!



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