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Stussy X Yo! MTV Raps: The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps Parts 1 & 2

posted by Alex August 11, 2013


We’ve all seen the collab between Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps already (If not, click here). Check out this two part mini documentary. Part 1 tells us the importance of Yo! MTV Raps to many artists. Part 2 discusses the fashion aspect of hip hop in the “golden era”. CLICK HERE TO SEE PART 1! CLICK HERE TO SEE PART 2!


Stussy & YO! MTV Raps 25th Anniversary Collection

posted by Raulito August 8, 2013


California-based streetwear pioneers, Stussy gives us another fresh collaboration for the Summer. Stussy put together a 4 shirt collection that features YO! MTV Raps twist on classic hip hop photos and album covers. The collection includes images from De La Soul,  Public Enemy, Slick Rick, and the duo Eric B and Rakim.

The Stussy and YO! MTV Raps collection will be available exclusively at the Stussy online store starting on August 9th. Make sure to check out all of the other collections that are available form Stussy by checking out their online store.