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Video: Vic Mensa Returns to ‘Sway In The Morning’ and Shares Advice from Jay Z, Delivers Another Killer Freestyle

posted by Oscar May 15, 2015

It’s almost hard to really fathom just how huge the homie Vic Mensa is really getting these days, but Sway really helped put that into perspective with his latest conversation with the Chicago star. In this interview we hear Vic recount a story between him and Jay that reassured him that he was on the right path, how things led to his signing to Hova’s Roc Nation, and how he’s part of the new evolution of Hip Hop.

“Hip Hop is the only genre that is expected to remain called ‘Hip-Hop.’… people say hip hop is dead… [but] you don’t call any modern rock just rock.”

On a lighter note, stick it out to hear a cheesy, but entertaining game of “what makes Vic mad?” and of course the epic freestyle.

Check out that interview and freestyle above.