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Lookbook: Ethik Spring 2016 Collection

posted by Alex March 22, 2016


Even though Ethik is closed in New York for the moment (they’re open in Philly), they are busy pushing out dope new product consistently. Check out what they dropped for their 2016 Spring Season. Some of our picks to click are the Rain Slicker Desert Camo, Baseball Jersey and Enemies Script Tee. Check out what they have to offer this season and make sure to cop some items.

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Lookbook: Raised By Wolves – 2016 Spring/Summer

posted by Alex March 15, 2016


Here’s something to look forward to this week. Canada’s own Raised By Wolves is coming with their Spring/Summer 2016 looks after selling out their Vans collab in just seconds a few weeks ago. Everything goes up for sale on Thursday, March 17th at 10am EST (that’s 9am for us Chi-town peeps) so make sure you’re logged on and ready to make purchases at the appropriate time. I don’t see anything that isn’t appealing from the lookbook, everything seems to be having small but visible details. I’m really digging the 3L College waterproof Mac Jacket and the checkerboard hoodie. Check out the looks shot by Rupert LaMontagne for Raised By Wolves below.

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Lookbook: Spring 2016 Benny Gold Lexington Collection

posted by Alex March 14, 2016



The originality and style that Benny Gold contributes to the fashion world is like no other. When it comes to lookbooks, it’s no different. With Benny Gold’s Spring 2016 Lexington Collection, they replicated Google Street View’s angles and shots. It’s pretty safe to say that they really got creative with the lookbook as they always do. This season features some pretty dope tees and headwear. I’m a pretty big fan of their baseball jackets that come in white or black. Everything is available for purchase now, so head over to Benny Gold to make some purchases after you check out the lookbook below.

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Leaders Spring 2015 Lookbook 2

posted by Alex May 14, 2015


You can’t get anymore Chicago than what Leaders keeps producing. With their second drop of their Spring collection, they give homage to Portillo’s, Giordano’s and even the pesky Chicago parking meters. This season, make sure you’re keeping your city on your back while you’re out an about at these festivals. Check out the rest of the looks below.  Continue Reading


SnackBoyz Spring/Summer 2015 Menu Lookbook

posted by Alex March 2, 2015

randys cover

You know why I love the people at Slurpcult? They do what they want, however they want, and they don’t care what anyone else is doing. For the Spring and Summer, SnackBoyz releases a super dope lookbook that features some of LA’s best food joints. We can definitely see how Slurpcult is one of ShowYouSuck’s favorite to wear. We’d love to see Slurpcult come through the Chi and get some shots of our favorite spots for their next lookbook featuring Show and some of the Legion of Doods homies. Those crewnecks are a must for anyone out here snackin in the Chi. Check out what The SnackBoyz have to offer this coming up season below! Continue Reading


Kith – Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

posted by Alex March 1, 2015


With the recent release of the already sold out Ronnie Fieg X ASICS Gel Sight “Atlantic” and “Pacific” pack, comes KITH’s “West Coast Project” Lookbook for the Spring/Summer of this year. It’s pretty much a sure thing that KITH is making blue THE color for post winter dopeness. KITH truly has the clothes for that minimalistic streetwear fanatic that keeps it low key buy knows exactly what’s in style. Check out the looks from KITH for the Spring/Summer below.  Continue Reading


The Hundreds Spring 2015 Denim and Cut & Sew

posted by Alex February 24, 2015


Something we’re really impressed about for the Spring of 2015 is definitely the Cut & Sew and denim line from The Hundreds. The denim collection is definitely catered to the streewear head that is all about the small details. The small quarter pocket that you normally use for loose change or small stash has a new “H” stitched  on it. If you like showing those new kicks off you can always roll up the bottom of these denim pants to give it a pretty dope look. The Cut & Sew line also includes some pretty noticeable items such as the “Skyline” pullover hoodies, “Ridge” flannel shirts, and “Mash” letterman jackets. Check out the items below or get your order on ASAP by clicking HERE. Continue Reading


Primitive Spring 2015 Delivery 1

posted by Alex February 23, 2015


If Primitive isn’t on your radar this Spring, I’m sure their first drop is enough to convince you to get on board. From their headwear, to their standout graphics and even their detailed accessories, Primitive has something out there for just about anyone. Our pick-to-click in Primitive’s Spring drop is without doubt the “Arch Burgundy Pullover Hoodie”. Check out the hoodie along with a few other looks below. Continue Reading


Publish – Spring 2015 Delivery 1

posted by Alex February 19, 2015


Even though the majority of the country is either covered in snow or below zero at the moment, Spring is just around the corner and I’m positive that many of us are ready for the weather to take a turn. With Spring almost here, you’re probably going to have to put that heavy jacket away and bring out those hoodies, button ups and sneakers. Make sure to give your closet a little makeover with Publish this season. Mostly known for their joggers, Publish has super clean headwear, light hoodies and button ups that can compliment those super dope kicks you’ve been wanting to bring out once the nice weather hits. You can check below for more looks, but make sure to pick up something new from Publish ASAP!

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DBM – The “:) More” Collection

posted by Alex January 17, 2015


I always ask myself, “How is DBM ever going to top this season?” and bam, they do it again and I’m sitting here asking myself the same question once again. For the winter drop lookbook they fly across the pond to Paris with the one and only Trashhand to handle the snaps. Congrats to the good homies over at DBM, best believe I’m stopping by to cop some items this weekend. If you’re in the Chi head over to Fat Tiger Workshop, if not, just click HERE. Check out the rest of the snaps below.  Continue Reading


BREAD Summer 2014 Drop 1

posted by Alex July 8, 2014

photo 1

BREAD will be releasing it’s first drop of the Summer. Above, you’ll see some of the tees that will be available for purchase starting tomorrow. You can pick these up while getting a fresh lineup at 10509 S. Ewing Ave here in the Chi, or you can pick these up online by clicking HERE. Check out the rest of what’s available starting tomorrow below.  Continue Reading


Acapulco Gold Summer 2014 Lookbook

posted by Alex July 3, 2014


Without doubt, Acapulco Gold has raised the bar in quality streetwear. AG’s Cut & Sew line is always on point as well as for it’s fitted game. We know it gets sticky hot up here in the Chi, but with these tanks and basketball jerseys, y’all will be alright while walking through them weekend festivals. Stay looking proper this summer and cop some Acapulco Gold. Hit up Jugrnaut here in the Chi, they’ll surely have some product there for ya! Check out the rest of the looks below.  Continue Reading