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Video- Uncle Drew: Chapter 3

posted by Oscar October 28, 2013

Kyrie Irving has returned with another clip of him as old-school baller “Uncle Drew.” In this new Pepsi MAX clip, Uncle Drew visits an underground Jazz club in downtown Chicago to convince his old point guard “Lights” to re-live their glory days on the court.

The players who met the older ball players only knew they were being filmed for a supposed documentary on the sport, but they were really there to get some hard-learned lessons from these “old” vets. Oh, and we even get a special cameo from “Light’s” lady too…

The reveal on who the new (“old”) ballers: Continue Reading

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Kyrie Irving in the Return of “Uncle Drew”

posted by Alex October 31, 2012

A few months back we showed you Kyrie Irving dressing up as “Uncle Drew” for a Pepsi MAX commercial. This time “Uncle Drew” brings out an old friend by the name of “Wes” (Kevin Love). The two of them went down to the local courts and put on a show for the crowd in attendance in a pickup game where their opponents didn’t know what they were in store for.