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Video: J. Cole & Chance The Rapper Perform “Perfect Thottie” at UIC Pavilion

posted by Alberto September 6, 2014

J. Cole headlined UIC’s annual Spark In The Park on Thursday at the UIC Pavilion and he brought out none other than Chance The Rapper. The two emcee’s performed the unreleased track “Thottie” or “Perfect Thottie,” not sure what the official title will be. Check out their performance up above. Can’t wait for the official version to drop.

Huge shouts to Devin Moore for getting some great footage.

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Recap: Spark in the Park featuring Santigold and Childish Gambino

posted by Oscar September 10, 2012


Having gone to UIC has given me a fair share of advantages/benefits, but few (if any) have been as cool as being able to see the likes of Kids These Days, Santigold, and Childish Gambino in a relatively small, somewhat intimate setting. So, I took full advantage of still having my i-card in my possession and made my way to Harrison Field to witness what turned out to be a kick-ass show. Continue Reading