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Video: Killer Mike and Action Bronson Rap Battle on “The Eric André Show”

posted by Oscar November 20, 2014

Killer Mike and Action Bronson are the latest rappers to appear on the awesomely weird Adult Swim series The Eric André Show. The rappers engaged in the old Hip Hop tradition of battling, but on this show it was only right that they did so on treadmills. As you can expect, the heavyweight masters of the mic could only handle so much time doing cardio.

See their short appearance above.

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Video: The Eric Andre Show – Chance The Rapper

posted by Oscar December 5, 2013

The Eric Andre Show, with Eric Andre and featuring Hannibal Buress, will have none other than Chance The Rapper as guest tonight. To get a bit of an idea what this show and this particular episode is like, see the video above. Questlove and Mel B will also be appearing on tonight’s episode.

Tune in and/or set your DVR’s to Cartoon Network at 12:30AM ET/11:30PM CT.

See more at The Eric Andre Show site.