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SZA kills it (and Travis Scott) in “Love Galore” Video

posted by Tali April 30, 2017

The lovely SZA has kept us on the longest wait of the century, without question. But #CTRL is lurking around, and although there is no certain set release date, the hints continue to float amongst her twitter.

To contain our stress and angst, she recently released track, “Love Galore,” featuring Travis Scott. The duo intensely grabs the audience attention with its unusual visual variety. With the talented touch of director, Nabil,  (also responsible for the directing of Kendrick Lamar’s video for ‘DNA’)  the video is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. With her words to her angelic moves on screen, she’s quite the sight to witness.

Watch above as the Goddess shifts from a moment of intimacy to revenge in a matter of minutes. Or put it on repeat for a couple days, below.


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[ALBUM REVIEW] Top Five From Kendrick Lamar’s album, ‘DAMN’

posted by Tali April 15, 2017

As far as it goes, Kendrick Lamar’s unique and constant handwork continues forth. The latest drop of ‘DAMN’ from the young gemini is a much needed release that follows the politically packed To Pimp A Butterfly. Dating back to interviews even prior to TPAB, Kendrick noted being ‘afraid of going broke’, and debated whether his music would ‘stop’ and how he would be able to get by. An idea far from our minds when referring to one of the most influential and highest-ranking rappers of our generation, but a prior insecurity for the artist.

However, this album confirms a new Kendrick. Kung Fu Kenny spits with a similar vibe but a different viewpoint. DAMN showcases the confidence and assertion that his presence is here to stay without question. From Cornrow Kenny to Kung Fu Kenny, the moniker perfectly defines how he’s coming all 2017.

Now, with that said and done, here’s our TOP FIVE:

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SZA releases new single “Drew Barrymore”

posted by Tali January 13, 2017

The lovely SZA has continuously teased us with singles on singles, and countless features on other projects, as we patiently await her own! Now, she’s back at it again with her latest single, “Drew Barrymore”!

The single is a beautiful ode to her loving herself and the low self esteem  even she still battles from time to time. Her genuine and surreal vocals serenade her audience and compliments the flow of the melody; exactly what to expect from this TDE beaut! She had us at Narcos & Tacos, let’s be honest. Listen below, and fall in love a little bit more.

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Lance Skiiiwalker releases ‘Introverted Intuition’ !

posted by Tali October 17, 2016


So, as we all know, quite well, that everyone on TDE has mad talent. The recent drops by Schoolboy Q (Blank Face)  & Isaiah Rashad (The Sun’s Tirade) have been in constant rotation here at POD. Luckily for all of us though, some new fire has just surfaced…

Lance Skiiiwalker, the newest signee of TDE as well as a fellow Chicagoan, decided to drop his first album under TDE,  Introverted Intuition, which showcases his unique style perfectly. Similar to the release of Zay’s album, visuals for his track ‘Lover’s Lane’ dropped. At the end of the video, 10.18.16, appears. So you already know more blessings are on their way.

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Video: Isaiah Rashad – “4r Da Squaw”

posted by Oscar September 2, 2016

Isaiah Rashad has just released his new album The Sun’s Tirade today, and along with that he’s shared his new visuals for the cut “4r Da Squaw.” Directed by Top Dawg President Dave Free and Christian Sutton, in the new clip we find Rashad and a young boy hitting a boardwalk and having some fun playing games together.

Check it out above.


Isaiah Rashad Drops Video For Free Lunch!

posted by Tali August 10, 2016

The release of Isaiah Rashad’s track “Free Lunch”, sparked the hearts of fans all around. Especially here, it’s without a doubt been in heavy rotation. The flow of this young Top Dawg rapper still remains untouchable and these unique visuals show us another side of Isaiah. It takes place in a laundromat, but includes a variety of characters, from selling mixtapes to bargaining over miscellaneous things.

Everyone’s trying to get it how they live.

Take some time to watch this over and let it sink. Expecting great things from scrub. Just wait on it.



Kendrick Lamar’s Kunta’s Groove Session in Chicago

posted by JuicyJackie November 10, 2015


If Kendrick performs in Chicago,I’m going, no doubt. When the Groove Sessions tour was announced, I was ready to pounce on tickets.The morning they went on sale I went to purchase my tickets right as they went live at 10 am, and soon after I was redirected to a page telling me they were sold out by 10:02. Although I have already seen Kendrick twice, I was bummed. “To Pimp a Butterfly” is my favorite album and I really wanted to see those songs performed live; Kendrick’s performances are always unforgettable.

Someone must have felt my despair, and more tickets were added to the Chicago show along with a change of venue. I was determined to get a ticket this time… and of course, I did.

Jay Rock opened the night with high energy. He got the crowd jumping, letting us know this was a TDE show and that this was a real Hip Hop show. Watching him perform and, hearing his flows, really set the tone.



When the Pimps Only sign was lit and The Wesley Theory band hit the stage, I made sure I was super close to the stage; I really wanted to experience this. Kendrick came out and after minutes of us cheering he opened his mouth and said….. “THIS DICK AINT FREEEEE….”

Just like that the Groove Session was on. Most of the To Pimp a Butterfly album was played, and he threw in some classics such as “ADHD,” “Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe,” and “Backstreet Freestyle.” Kendrick and The Wesley Theory band could take it from super smooth to funky fresh. They captivated the crowd, we knew every word, we felt every vibe. Kendrick took the time to talk to those of us in attendance to let us know To Pimp A Butterfly was therapy for him. I knew it was; the album reflected it, you could feel it. It was so raw and so real. The smaller venue made the show intimate. Kendrick and the band gave us their all and we gave it right back. I really loved how the band and Kendrick vibed together, they were truly in a groove session. K Dot talked about his love for Chicago and how most of the band was from here. I remember being so amazed by that.

The show ended with us chanting “WE GON’ BE ALRIGHT” over and over and over again. He made the crowd go from silence to a loud chanting of these words. We loved it, Kendrick loved it, the band loved it, there was nothing but love in the room.

unnamed (6)

I left feeling happy I was a part of the crowd and that I belted every lyric.

I thought about how Kendrick said the album was therapy… being there and, listening to him was therapy to me. I’ve seen a lot of performers and no one has ever seemed as grateful as Kendrick to be able to perform for people. He gave and showed us so much love. Kendrick and The Wesley Theory band gave us an amazing performance. If you haven’t seen Kendrick live you’re truly missing a beautiful, real, raw, poetic experience. I’ll always make my way to a Kendrick show anytime I get the chance. He creates feeling.