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Derrick Rose Covers Sports Illustrated

posted by Oscar October 23, 2013

Derrick Rose Sports Illustrated

The 2013/14 NBA season is upon us and f0r the “preview issue” from Sports Illustrated, they’ve put Chicago’s Derrick Rose on the cover. For any of us fans of the Bulls, and maybe even some haters of LBJ, the anticipation for “the return” has played a key role in this summer’s off-season so it’s great to see that it’s not just this city that’s anxiously waiting to see how D. Rose will be this season.

Apparently, they’ve also written a story on the legendary ’85 Bears (Super Bowl champs) so this issue is looking like a must-buy for sports fans. Grab your copy at newsstands.


Kate Upton Hits October Cover of Sports Illustrated with Atlanta Braves’ Uptons

posted by Raulito October 2, 2013


To celebrate the start of the MLB’s post season, Sports Illustrated has released a special playoff edition of the magazine. This particular issue features the Atlanta Braves’ Upton duo, B.J. and Justin. The cover also features none other than Kate Upton. Check out the  cover above.


Tim Tebow Tops SI’s Most Overrated Player Poll

posted by Raulito October 25, 2012

Sports Illustrated just realized the results to a poll that they took that involved 180 NFL players. The poll asked the NFL players  to name the most overrated player in the league. The winner of the poll was New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. He received 34 percent of the votes. This is the second year in a row that Tim Tebow wins the most overrated player award.

No one else in the survey received anything higher than 10 percent. Tim Tebow’s team mate Mark Sanchez came in second place with 8 percent of the votes. The next people on the list were Tony Romo with 8 percent as well , Michael Vick with 4 percent and Ray Lewis with 3 percent.