Sex Tape Day


Short Film: Austin Vesely and Eryn Koehn’s ‘Sex Tape Day’

posted by Oscar October 7, 2013

So if you’re into the whole Chicago Hip Hop scene you may recognize Austin Vesely as the director of videos from the likes of Kids These Days and Chance The Rapper, but the man also does short films and now he’s released his latest work called Sex Tape Day. The short film was made with and co-stars Eryn Koehn, who first caught my eye at a Closed Sessions show walking around (with Vesely, as a matter of fact). For the sake of blog research (right? right), I asked around about who she was and then I learned she was another promising young artist who’s part of the rising scene we’re all lucky enough to be a part of right now.

The clip is hilarious, to say the least. Vesely’s awkwardness and his portrayal of an amateur/aspiring (sex tape) director is a good jab at his own profession. See it above.