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Jake Bugg Live at Lollapalooza

posted by Oscar August 5, 2013
Ian Witlen/SPIN

Ian Witlen/SPIN

Folk Rock sensation Jake Bugg played an excellent set at Lolla this past weekend under the shining sun and the beautiful Chicago skylime in the background. The Petrillo stage was filled with tons of fans as they witnessed the teenage Brit play live renditions of “Two Fingers” (shown above), “Seen It All,” “Lightning Bolt” and an awesome cover of Neil Young’s classic, “Hey Hey, My My.”

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Review: Jake Bugg- ‘Jake Bugg’

posted by Oscar April 9, 2013

Around this time a year ago I was out in London on my first trip to the Old World and finally in the country that gave the world some of my favorite artists of all time. I had a car for a couple of days and I really wanted to get into some of the local scene and so I did my best to find something on the radio but to my luck I had a bit too much trouble flipping through Electro and Hindi music stations that at some point I just quit and connected my iPhone. Nowadays, I’ve gotten what I wanted back then and I have started getting into the music of one of the most talked-about indie musicians out of the UK and one of my favorite artists at this moment, 19-year old Jake Bugg of Nottingham.

His self-titled debut album is an excellent example that simple songs with a lot of heart and minor studio production have a lot more to offer than your typical Top 40 track would. At least in every other sense besides getting you on the dancefloor at the club.

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