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KAMI Releases “Scene Girl”

posted by Oscar January 26, 2017

KAMI, previously known as Kami de Chukwu and one half of the Leather Corduroys, has dropped a new track today. The synth-Pop joint is titled “Scene Girl,” and it’s a continuation of KAMI diving into New Wave for his solo project.

The track was produced (and features some additional vocals) by Knox Fortune, and it has a dark vibe to it that would fit in perfectly in a club lit with neon lights.

Details for the upcoming album are coming soon, so stay tuned for that! Hear “Scene Girl” below. Continue Reading


Towkio- “G W M” ft. Vic Mensa (Official Music Video)

posted by JuicyJackie November 5, 2016


SaveMoney is one of Chicago’s most notorious rap collectives featuring the likes of Towkio, Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, Joey Purp, Kami, Dally Auston & more. When Towkio put out “G W M” in the summer it instantly became Chicago’s summer anthem. The gang got together & put out the “G W M ” music video.

Watch it here:


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Dally Auston – “Bitch Im Beautiful”

posted by Alex September 30, 2016


West $ide still gets the money! KNOW THAT! Dally Auston took a little break with releasing any new material but if we get more dope shit like “Bitch I’m Beautiful”, the wait is well worth it. Can we get a new Dally project for the fall/winter? I sure as hell hope so. Take a listen to the SaveMoney rep’s latest track below.

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posted by JuicyJackie August 9, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.19.17 PM

The 773- 312 ALL STARS are back at it again. Reppin the Chi to the extreme the SAVEMONEY boys keep proving why they are Chicago’s Most Valuable Rappers. Joey & Vic are rappers that this city is proud to claim & they claim us to the fullest right back. This freestyle dedicated to our hometown snaps!


Listen to “773” Continue Reading

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Brian Fresco feat. Chance The Rapper and Blue Hawaii – “Higher”

posted by Oscar June 28, 2016

Brian Fresco Chance The Rapper

SaveMoney keeps delivering all the summer jams to keep you grooving and moving all season! Following the stellar “Girls @,” today brings a new track to obsess over in Brian Fresco’s “Higher.”

This one also features Chance The Rapper and it’s another club-ready monster that you can’t help but shake to as soon as it comes on. This isn’t the direction that we would have envisioned for Fresco, but it’s a dope surprise that we definitely approve of.

Brian Fresco’s mixtape Casanova will arrive on July 5. Hear “Higher” after the jump. Continue Reading

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“Girls @” by Joey Purp ft. Chance The Rapper

posted by JuicyJackie May 19, 2016


Say hello to your new summer banger. Joey Purp and Chance The Rapper teamed up to give us “Girls @” and up beat ode to all the pretty ladies. Yo.. I’m not going to lie mid song I got out of my chair to twerk around the room. One listen and I was sold this track was dope. Joey Purp is one of my favorite Chicago rappers… he keeps releasing banger after banger and his flow is untouchable. I’m really impressed with all the tracks he’s been dropping. The rapper is dropping songs teasing us for his album drop “iiiDrops” dropping May 27th.

Peep the track list:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.39.25 PM

I’m really excited to hear this album. We’ve already got to listen to some amazing songs such as “Cornerstore,” “Photobooth,” and now “Girls @.”

The song was produced by Chicago’s finest; Knox Fortune & Peter Cottontale and mixed by L10MixedIt.

Listen here: Continue Reading


“G W M” – TOWKIO FT. VIC MENSA Prod. @mrcarmack & @KennySegal

posted by JuicyJackie March 3, 2016


Two of Chicago’s favorites linked up to create “G W M” short for gang with me. Both rappers are part of our favorite Chicago group.. SAVE MONEY! It’s awesome to hear the two back on a track together. “Involved” was a previous song they did together. Vic even calls out Spike Lee in the track saying.. “Fuck Spike Lee”.. We feel you Vic. The duo are two of my favorite rappers. I’ve been wanting to hear some new save money heat so this was perfect. I know this song is going to be played all over Chicago & can already imagine it being lit as fuck. Mr. Carmack & Kenny Segal helped produce the track as well; both awesome producers.

The track is dope. I’m sure you’re going to bump it when your gang is with you 😛



We can’t stop talking about Chance the Rapper’s Pitchfork performance.

posted by JuicyJackie July 22, 2015





pitchfork crowd

When Pitchfork tickets first went on sale I wasn’t really sold on getting them. Well honestly, I had no cash, I just paid my rent. I wasn’t really bothered about it either. As Pitchfork got closer and closer and more talk about it got around, I was actually pretty mad I didn’t cop tickets. I kept saying to myself “It’s cool there’s only a few people on the lineup I want to see anyway & I’ve already seen Vic and Chance multiple times.” As many times as I’ve seen both acts I knew I wanted to see them both again and that I had to go. Vic performed Saturday night and I didn’t get to see it. I did attend his Pitchfork after party at the Virgin Hotels. The security at Virgin was really strict, which is completely understandable but it was hard to even get into the show. It was still a pretty great after party at a very nice establishment. So since I already missed Saturday.. I ultimately assumed I wouldn’t be at Pitchfork Sunday for Chance’s performance.

Well sometimes, social media isn’t so bad, I saw a tweet that said “Anybody want to come to Pitchfork?” I jumped right on it. At 6:30 I got in my car and headed over. I got pretty lucky to score a VIP pass so last minute. Chance didn’t go on till 8:30 so I mingled and filled up on free beer. There was even CHANCE THE RAPPER BEER!! (It was delicious, by the way.) It seemed like everyone in Chicago was there to see Chance close out the green stage. I saw so many people decked out in Chance gear. I decided it was time to settle for a spot and get ready for the show. Continue Reading

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Video: Two Fresh feat. Towkio and Joey Purp – “Gettin Throwed”

posted by Oscar July 16, 2015

For the music video for Two Fresh’s collaboration with Towkio and Joey Purp, “Gettin Throwed,” the twin brothers/production duo enlisted Jake Osmun to capture the scenes at the SaveMoney Memorial Day weekend BBQ. The video is as chill and smoove as the music, and it features cameos from Vic Mensa and Chano, finishing off with the crew’s 4th of July hijinks.

See the new clip above.

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posted by JuicyJackie May 19, 2015


The WAV hit the Metro showing us that the Tsunami Mob x Savemoney Militia is in fact the suppliers of the wave. I am big fan of both Towkio and Kehlani, so I was already really excited to go. I’ve been following both acts for about a year and a half now. Kehlani just dropped her mixtape “You Should be Here” and Towkio just dropped his mixtape “Wav Theory.” I had been patiently waiting for both tapes. Kehlani fed me that soul I needed and Towkio topped it off with some beautiful funk. The fact that the two acts were performing together was really dope. Unfortunately I had missed DJ Spin’s set. I got a nice spot in the middle right side of the crowd and was ready to jam out.

Noodles, Kehlani’s DJ, came out and was the perfect hype woman. BaeLani’s set was – of course- so beautiful. I found myself singing each and every word. After every song I would say “SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.” She sang one of my favorite songs by her, “Til The Morning” and I didn’t do anything but WATCH & LISTEN. She played mostly Cloud 19 bangers & hit us with some You Should Be Here tracks. The dancing and vocals were perfectly on point. I remember thinking to myself “She isn’t playing much off You Should Be Here… so that must mean she’ll have another Chicago show soon!!!” It was such a wonderful performance, I do look forward to seeing her whenever she is back.

Towkio came out giving off his amazing energy and introducing us to his .WAV THEORY. The other day I asked someone if they were going to the show and said “you really should his stage presence is amazing.” Towkio takes over the stage and captivates his audience, making you feel his music and presence. Leather Corduroys joined Towki on stage a performed some songs. Towkio also brought out Kehlani, Eryn Allen Kane and of course his Save Money brother, Chance The Rapper. Chance drove the crowd crazy when he performed “Sunday Candy.”

One thing I really liked about the show was how well the visuals were done. I left completely satisfied and so happy I came out to the show. Every performer there delivered amazingly and did not disappoint. This was not my first time seeing either acts, so I’m happy they kept me interested and musically energized. After the show, photos of Kehlani, Chance and Towkio surfaced of them working on set with Austin Vesely.… future music video coming out?? Let’s hope so!  Do not sleep on either act. Get in tune with the Tsunami Mob x Save Money brand.

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New Vic Mensa Merch – “Film The Police” Tees + Tattoos Hoodie

posted by Oscar December 10, 2014

Vic Mensa - Film The Police

SaveMoney’s Vic Mensa recently rocked the hell out of the Metro for his “Black Friday” show and while there he unveiled some new merch. The new tee, which he actually wore onstage that night, is read and says “Film The Police” across the front. The sweatshirt that was sold at the merchandise booth was the “tattoos hoodie,” which shows the SaveMoney logo on the inside of the left arm plus his year of birth and the words “Still Alive” on the front, similar in style to that of Tupac’s iconic stomach tats.

They’re now available for purchase on the SaveMoney store website. Buy yours now: http://www.savemoneyworldwide.com

See images below. Continue Reading