NFL Helmets Reimagined by Artists in Mexico

posted by Oscar November 21, 2016


Mexico City is hosting the NFL tonight with the first Monday Night Football match played outside of the US. To set the mood for the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans’ bout at the iconic Azteca Stadium, local artists reimagined the helmets for each team in the league.

As with any piece of art, appreciating it really depends on the individual, but there were definitely some redesigned NFL team helmets that looked doper than others. My favorite? It was hard to choose between the Philadelphia Eagles (above), the Detroit Lions, and the Dallas Cowboys. One thing that was a little bit easier to assess was that, much like their performance on the field this season, the Chicago Bears is pretty much the worst. The rest of the helmets are pretty dope overall.

Check out the rest of the Mexican artists’ NFL team helmets below. Continue Reading

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Video: Chuck Inglish’s New Era Commercial – ‘Speak With Your Cap’

posted by Oscar September 9, 2013

New Era has brought on Chuck Inglish to help score their Speak With Your Cap campaign; debuting today for MNF. The campaign revolves around the caps being the center piece that voices what you believe in. The clip shows NFL heavyweights Hakeem Nicks, Lance Briggs, Stevie Johnson, Marcell Dareus, and Eric Decker show us how they speak with their caps. See the video above.



Starter Jackets – Old School/ New School Collection

posted by Raulito August 9, 2013


When I was younger I was a huge fan of the Starter jackets. It looks like they are ready to make a comeback, and I could honestly say I’m pumped. Starting August 31st they are going to start releasing NFL, NBA and NHL jackets through Foot Locker. Make sure to check out your local Foot Locker or Foot Locker’s online store on the 31st to pick one up for yourself.  Check out some jackets after the jump. Continue Reading


Playoffs? Playoffs? Yes, its time for Playoffs in the NFL

posted by motorj77 December 30, 2012

Its time for the NFL Playoffs. After 17 weeks of regular season play, the top teams are  ready to battle it out for a chance to hold the Lombardi Trophy. Week 17 was a great week for football. Teams played for playoff spots and positions while Peterson played to break the record for most rushing yards. Continue Reading


Tim Tebow Tops SI’s Most Overrated Player Poll

posted by Raulito October 25, 2012

Sports Illustrated just realized the results to a poll that they took that involved 180 NFL players. The poll asked the NFL players  to name the most overrated player in the league. The winner of the poll was New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. He received 34 percent of the votes. This is the second year in a row that Tim Tebow wins the most overrated player award.

No one else in the survey received anything higher than 10 percent. Tim Tebow’s team mate Mark Sanchez came in second place with 8 percent of the votes. The next people on the list were Tony Romo with 8 percent as well , Michael Vick with 4 percent and Ray Lewis with 3 percent.


NFL Predictions

posted by motorj77 September 20, 2012

The NFL Season is finally upon us. After two weeks of play, we have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad (referees). By now everyone has made their predictions on the Super Bowl winner. We have either jumped in joy at our teams victories or thrown a remote at the tv because of a loss. No matter what it is, the NFL is back and in full swing. Here are my predictions for this NFL Season.

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