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Kehlani – “Gangsta” (From Suicide Squad: The Album) [Official Video] #Kehlani

posted by JuicyJackie August 9, 2016

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With the exciting release of the Suicide Squad movie we also got amazing music releases including one from a POD favorite: Miss Kehlani. Kehlani’s song “Gangsta” is the “Harley Quinn & Joker” relationship anthem. The song speaks of that desire for a ride-or-die partner in crime. When the album curators spoke about having Kehlani on the album they talked about how great she matched to the song & album.. how her voice & attitude depicted exactly what they wanted. Kehlani is tough just like Harley. Kehlani’s vocals sound amazing & she looks super sexy. She was the perfect choice for the song. Kehlani has been releasing songs & absolutely killing it with every drop. We’re so ready for her new album!

Watch “Gangsta” here! 


Want some new Kembe X? You got it!- “Welcome to America.”

posted by JuicyJackie June 29, 2016


Kembe X’s amazing new video “Welcome To America” proves why he’s one of Chicago’s best. This isn’t Kembe’s first time on POD; we’re big fans. Kembe murders the beat with his powerful rhymes. “Welcome to America” serves as a motivational track for me.. “I want it.. I want it.. I want it.. I already got it” reminds us all that we need to be hungry for more. Kembe never stops impressing, which is why he is a POD favorite.

Check out the video below!

Directed by : Chad Marshall

Produced by : Bentley Haze



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Ever been to a “Bake Sale” this Lit? Peep Wiz’s new visuals..

posted by JuicyJackie April 26, 2016

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Mister Cap dropped a dope visual to “Bake Sale.” The video was directed by Dan Folger, Matt Meehan & Wiz Khalifa. The video makes me want to have a bake sale of my own.. or go to Wiz’s next bake sale. Wiz added if the bake sale video gets 2 million views; he’ll post another video!

Watch “Bake Sale” below.


Bibi Bourelly’s bomb new masterpiece “Sally”

posted by JuicyJackie February 24, 2016

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Okay.. I know.. I’m a bit late.. but have you listened or watched Bibi’s new work? Her new song “Sally” is so good. Her voice really really shines in this tune. I first found out about Bibi when RiRi’s “Bitch Betta Have My Money” came out. I learned she was one of the master minds behind writing the song. I read an interview she did (I believe it was on The Fader) and she was so badass; I had to follow her. She’s dropped nothing but gems since I’ve followed her. “Ego” was an amazing song. Bibi is an artist to the core from song writing to singing. Along with the drop of “Sally” an artist put together an interactive music video generator to go to the song.  This was such a dope concept to me.  It’s totally something you NEED to check out; & if you haven’t checked out Bibi- it’s about time!

Click Here to go to the Music video

I reached out to Bibi via twitter to ask her a random question I had.. she didn’t answer but I’m still curious. A lot of blogs & websites talk about Bibi’s work with RiRi right away. How does she feel about that? I know her work RiRi is how I found out about her but can we separate her as an artist? She has her own work & is constantly introduced as RiRi’s song writer.. it is a good co-sign. I just wish they would let her talent shine more.

I’m excited to hear more of Bibi’s work.. I really want to see her live.

I heard she’ll be at SXSW….

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New Video: theWHOevers – Burn

posted by Alex December 3, 2013


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theWHOevers released their video to “Burn” last night from their Ridin’ Waves project. The video consists of theWHOevers writing, recording, and just chillaxin. Don’t forget to hit up Lincoln Hall this Friday as theWHOevers will be holding their album release party/benefit concert. The lineup looks really good as Martin $ky, Markyboy, Fess Grandiose, and Bambu from the Native Guns will be sharing the stage. The show starts at 9pm and doors open at 8:30, get there on time as you won’t want to miss anything. Check out the flyer below. Shout out to Ground Lift Media, for always having proper shows! Continue Reading

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posted by Alex September 27, 2012

Wake up to something positive today! HUMAN hails from Indianapolis, Indiana and FIGHT is the lead single from his upcoming EP, Dissonance to be released in October. Check it out, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on HUMAN’s latest. You can follow him on twitter @HUMANIII. Until then, hit the jump and peep the video.

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