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Madlib and MF DOOM Reconnect for New Song “Avalanche” and Action Figure

posted by Oscar December 15, 2016

Guess who’s back! Madlib and MF DOOM teamed up once more to bring to the masses a new track titled “Avalanche” that is out now on 7” vinyl via Madlib’s label Madlib Invazion.

Accompanied with the release is a new 8-inch action figure of their Madvillain character, created by the same team that made the Kid Robot Madvillain figure that sold out in a day. The figure’s gold case is removable, and the case itself opens for storage too.

Purchase the single and Madvillain figure here. Stream “Avalanche” after the jump. Continue Reading



posted by JuicyJackie August 26, 2015



I visited a gallery for Chicago street artist Ali 6. If you’ve made your way around Chicago street’s, you’ve seen Ali’s beloved raccoon somewhere. I know I have. According to Ali 6 the raccoon is named Richie. From the moment you stepped into the gallery Richie was everywhere. I walked through the gallery amazed at all the different ways Richie was portrayed. There were wood carvings, canvas paintings, sketches and even a sculpture of Richie. I noticed a type of psychedelic twist to some of the paintings. There was also crazy cool tripped out mushroom wood carvings. It made me think Richie was taking a bit of a …. trip or that Ali 6 was really inspired by mushrooms. 😉 I talked to Nikko, better known to everyone as Ali 6, who actually made his way over to me while I was looking at a piece. He introduced himself and we began to talk about the pieces. He let know that the pieces all went together in a story sequence. As it turned out Richie was on a trip alright and was definitely inspired by those mushrooms. The colors, patterns & themes used were so intriguing. A piece I especially liked had a tv static type of detail added to it. There was also a camouflage pattern that actually incorporated Richie in it. I was really impressed by the wood carvings. You could see the street art influence and even a bit of music influence in the pieces. Richie  was listening to MF DOOM, there was a painting of some spray painting going on and a lot of trippy visuals. I left really happy I got to see the gallery and meet the artist. I was even more happy I got to see such an amazing gallery. I’m looking forward to attending the next show. For now, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Richie on the streets of Chicago.