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Video: Made Violent – “Dirty”

posted by Oscar March 28, 2014

Damn do I love this riff… Made Violent have released their latest video for their new single, “Dirty.” It’s pretty standard in that it’s your typical band-playing-with-a-side-story sort of video, but its the song that really makes this something worth seeing. The catchy riff works perfectly as soundtrack for the leading lady breaking laws in every other scene.

Check it out above.

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Made Violent – “Wasted Days”

posted by Oscar January 3, 2014

Made Violent - Wasted Days

Let us introduce you to Made Violent. I came across this group when they randomly started following me on Twitter this week, so I checked them out and liked what I’ve heard so far. Formed just over a year ago, the band’s sound lies on a solid foundation of guitar riffs and catchy hooks similar to what we’d usually hear back in the early 2000’s. The Buffalo, NY natives just came out with a new track titled “Wasted Days,” which you can hear below.

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