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Louis C.K. Announces 2016 World Tour

posted by Oscar May 16, 2016

Louis CK

Louis C.K. has announced his return to touring standup comedy, hitting the road starting tomorrow in Baltimore and continuing to cities across and even some dates in European like London, Dublin, Paris, and Jerusalem.

Breaking the tour in his newsletter, addressing us as “donut eaters and those who don’t eat donuts (I think that covers everyone),” Louis not only reveals his new tour dates but also goes into his efforts to fight scalpers from buying up tickets that true fans ultimately miss out on. Tickets are typically listed at one price, $50, and are set that way to be as affordable to buyers as possible. Not only that, but Louis and his team are going to extensive measures to prevent his tickets from hitting reseller outlets, going as far as saying that if you buy tickets on Stubhub that those tickets will be unvalidated. Read more after the jump.

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Louis CK Announces New Special: “Live at the Comedy Store”

posted by Oscar January 27, 2015

One of the world’s greatest comedians today has released another special. Louis CK today unveiled his latest standup special and it’s called Louis CK Live at the Comedy Store.

Louis had revolutionized the game by releasing his own projects independently directly on his site for only $5. In an email sent to his mailing list, Louis explains:

 I skipped doing one last year and I missed it. This one is different from the recent others.  For one thing, it was shot in a nightclub instead of a theater. I love doing the theater shows… But Nightclubs, comedy clubs, is where comedy is born and where comedy, standup comedy, truly lives.

The rest of the email is a long and extensive look into Louis’ history as a comedian and his journey so far, also going into why he chose The Comedy Store because it is, as he puts it, “the only club in the country that NEVER passed me when I auditioned.”

Buy it now for only $5 over at Louis’ website, louisck.net.

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Video: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis – Brad Pitt

posted by Oscar October 24, 2014

The latest addition to the cult hit from Zach Galifianakis, Between Two Ferns, welcomes none other than Mr. Brad Pitt. The signature awkward style of this web show lived up to its reputation and hit all the “right” points with Galifianakis bringing up things from the past that we’re all sure Pitt would prefer not be mentioned again (think Playgirl, Friends).

This one even includes a mini cameo from Louis CK! See it above.

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Louis C.K.

posted by Alberto January 3, 2014

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Louis C.K. is the first guest on season 3 of Jerry Seinfield’s online series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Louis and Jerry ride around in a Fiat for the first portion of the episode and rest of it takes place on Louis’ boat. They talk about their shows, Louis opening up for Jerry early in his career, Louis getting stoned and going to see 3D movies and much more. Check out the video up above.


Louis CK Lands the Cover of Rolling Stone

posted by Oscar April 10, 2013

(Photo: Rolling Stone)

America’s funniest comedian, as dark and troubled as his life has been at times, has landed on one of the most important Entertainment publications around, Rolling Stone. As noted by RS, this is Louis C.K.’s first appearance on their cover in which they have a career-spanning Q&A where they discuss drug abuse, bombing onstage and other personal lowlights that have been subject to becoming material for his standup and tv shows.

Louie tells RS: “The Louie on the show is pretty happy… and I’m about as happy as he is. I don’t mind feeling sad. Sadness is a lucky thing to feel.”

Pick up the new issue of Rolling Stone when it hit stands and the iTunes App Store this Friday, April 12th, before C.K.’s latest comedy special premieres Saturday on HBO.