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Led Zeppelin Share Unreleased Song “Sunshine Woman”

posted by Oscar August 25, 2016

Led Zeppelin.BBC Complete Sessions.2016.cover

Led Zeppelin are set to re-release their 1997 album BBC Sessions next month and today they’re previewing it by unleashing a previously unreleased track called “Sunshine Woman.” The compilation album will be released as The Complete BBC Sessions and will feature eight previously unheard recordings, including three recordings from a “lost” session from 1969.

“Sunshine Woman” is one of those songs, and was previously only available as on bootleg. Check it out below by The Wall Street Journal. Continue Reading

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Video: Tool Dressed as Led Zeppelin to Play One-Off Concert

posted by Oscar November 1, 2015

Tool had a brief reunion over the weekend when they got the band together to play their first and only concert of 2015 at Tempe’s Monster Mash. Maynard James Keenan and the rest of the band dressed as Led Zeppelin during their Halloween show, and they took things a couple steps further by actually covering Zeppelin’s “No Quarter.”

Keenan tells the crowd “Good news, it’s fucking Halloween! Bad news, we are not Led Zeppelin.” Out of all the bands that could take the stage when Zeppelin’s not available, Tool is one of those few acts I wouldn’t mind seeing in their place. Check out more footage below. Continue Reading

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Led Zeppelin – “In The Evening” (Rough Mix)

posted by Oscar July 10, 2015


Led Zeppelin will round out their deluxe reissue releases on July 31st when they make available new versions of 1976’s Presence, 1979’s In Through the Out Door and 1982’s Coda. Today the masters of Hard Rock have unveiled a cut from In Through The Out Door, revealing a rough mix of “In The Evening.”

This “new” version is missing the now noticeable touch of good production, with more tamed drumming and a little less guttural sexiness from Robert Plant’s vocals. Check it out below. Continue Reading

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Video: Jack White Brings Out Robert Plant to Cover Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song” at Lolla Argentina

posted by Oscar March 23, 2015

Even though this past week it was all about SXSW for those of us stateside, Lollapalooza Argentina was also taking place with some awesome moments of their own taking place. The biggest, perhaps, was when Jack White invited living legend Robert Plant to perform one of his former band’s songs, Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song.”

For Rock fans all over the world, there could hardly be a bigger moment in recent memory than this. See White and Plant perform together above.

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Led Zeppelin – “Brandy & Coke” [“Trampled Under Foot” Early Rough Mix]

posted by Oscar February 11, 2015

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

Legendary Rock band Led Zeppelin have unearthed an early rough mix called “Brandy & Coke,” which would go on to become the classic “Trampled Underfoot.” This tune will appear on the new deluxe reissue of 1975’s Physical Graffiti dropping on February 24th, exactly 40 years after the original release.

This “initial rough mix” of “Trampled Underfoot” features a much more prominent organ section, Jimmy Page’s signature riff on this one taking a back seat. Check it out now below. Continue Reading

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Led Zeppelin – “Houses Of The Holy” (Rough Mix)

posted by Oscar January 20, 2015

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

Earlier this month we learned that Jimmy Page and co. would be back to re-releasing another legendary Led Zeppelin album with the announcement that Physical Graffiti will be getting a Super-Deluxe reissue. Today the band has delivered a cut from the new release with a look at a rough mix of “Houses Of The Holy.”

On this version, the iconic riff is layed down to come through the right speaker with the rhythm section coming off more prominently thanks to its own new placement. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this version is the use of Robert Plant’s harmonies, which are brought forward starting with the line “Let the music be your master.”

Hear it now over at Rolling Stone. Get the reissue when it’s released on February 24th; available for pre-order now on LedZeppelin.com.

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Led Zeppelin Announce Super-Deluxe Reissue of ‘Physical Graffiti’

posted by Oscar January 8, 2015

Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti

The reissues continue for legendary Rock band Led Zeppelin.

Guitarist and mastermind of the band Jimmy Page has remastered Physical Graffiti and it will be the latest album to get the “Super-Deluxe” treatment. This new release features an album-long bonus disc containing early takes and alternate mixes of songs that include the classics like “Kashmir” and “Trampled Under Foot.”

Fans can get a version that will just include the remastered audio in all formats (digital, vinyl, CD) while the deluxe edition will be available on a double disc release with the companion audio, a double-LP, a deluxe vinyl release, and as a super deluxe box set. The super deluxe release will contain CDs of the deluxe edition, the deluxe vinyl, a download card, a hard-bound, 96-page book containing rare and previously uncirculated photos and memorabilia, and a high-quality print of the album cover.

The new edition will come out on the 40th anniversary of the original’s release date, February 24th. Buy the reissue at Led Zeppelin website.


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Led Zeppelin – “Stairway To Heaven” (Alternate Mix)

posted by Oscar October 22, 2014

Led Zeppelin IV (Super Deluxe Edition Box)

What’s left to say about Led Zeppelin’s signature song, the quintessential Rock track of the 70’s, “Stairway To Heaven”? It’s become the stuff of legend ever since it came out on Led Zeppelin IV in ’71 and it’s as good today as it ever was (even if it does get played a little too often on the radio). Led Zeppelin have unveiled a new mix of the iconic song that will appear on the deluxe reissue of IV. This version is an alternate take of the classic song and it’s labeled “Sunset Sound Mix,” after the LA studio in which it was mixed.

The most noticeable differences on this version start off with the line that says “In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees…” (about the 2:45 mark) where you hear a much more prominent organ part. The guitars in general stand out much more in this mix, with a much heartier sound throughout; it’s most noticeable in the riff that leads the outro.

It’s just different enough to make you notice that this is not exactly what you’ve already heard thousands of times, and the essence remains intact; a win-win in my book.

The reissue of IV is due out on October 28th; pre-order on LedZeppelin.com. Hear the new mix of “Stairway” now over at Rolling Stone.

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Led Zeppelin – “Rock And Roll” (Alternate Take)

posted by Oscar October 16, 2014

Led Zeppelin IV (Super Deluxe Edition Box)

Check out an alternate version of Led Zeppelin’s classic IV track, “Rock And Roll.” This is one of the band’s most iconic tunes because of its relentless riff and a throwback theme (in 70’s terms) at its core. The band’s Deluxe version of IV is set to deliver rarities and more with its release and today we get a new mix of the track we’ve previously mentioned. This version is largely like the original but something is off just enough for you to notice this is the one you’ve grown up loving and jamming to.

Get the Super Deluxe edition of Led Zepplin IV starting October 27 via Atlantic/Swan Song. Hear the new version over at Billboard.

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Led Zeppelin – “The Rain Song” (Alternate Mix)

posted by Oscar September 29, 2014


The deluxe reissues of Led Zeppelin’s first five albums, from to Houses Of The Holy, deliver to fans rarities, remastered originals, and bonus tracks that sum up to hours of new material for die-hards to go through.

The latest track to be revealed from the deluxe packages is Houses Of The Holy’s “The Rain Song,” which comes to us with an alternate mix distinguished in the title as “The Rain Song (Mix Minus Piano).” This, much like the version heard on original releases, is a gorgeous composition that holds its soft and massive, arena-ready moments.

Stream this new take over at Pitchfork.

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Miley Cyrus – “Baby, I’m Gonna Leave You” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

posted by Oscar September 13, 2014

Miley Cyrus

F*ck. Apparently I write about Miley Cyrus now…

But hear me out real quick… this is no typical Miley post. The former teeny bopper has veered away from the Pop music that rules Top 40 and stepped into the world of Hard Rock with her latest SoundCloud release: a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.”

While Miley calls it “Baby…” instead of “Babe…”, the rest of the cover is pretty good in most senses and the music and her delivery closely follows the original. After hearing Miley do her best Robert “Golden God” Plant impression, soft-loud dynamics included, this paints a better picture of her for me; surely for many of her fans as well. The girl’s got some serious pipes in this one!

At first glance, this almost sounds like if it were a Heart rendition of the song.

Hear it below.

Continue Reading

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Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog” (Alternate Mix)

posted by Oscar September 4, 2014

Led Zeppelin IV (Super Deluxe Edition Box)

The “Super Deluxe Edition” reissue of Led Zeppelin’s iconic IV album is soon to come (October 28) and today they released a full track that will appear on that box set. The track is the heavy album opener, “Black Dog,” which sounds just a tad different from the album version that we know of today.

Guitarist, Jimmy Page told Rolling Stone: “It’s one of the powerhouse numbers that we did with an incredible riff. The version on the companion disc is a rough mix in its early stage with minimal guitar overdubs and Robert (Plant)’s original vocal. And you can hear how mean it is.”

Hear it over at Rolling Stone.