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Navarro – “If You Want to Believe”

posted by Alex October 14, 2015


Guess who’s back! If you guessed Navarro, you’re right. The homie Navarro (FKA Scheme) has been busy teaching young minds in the City’s Little Village Lawndale High School, which is why you haven’t heard much from him recently. I have a great feeling that we’re going to be hearing a lot more from him after this. “If You Want to Believe” is produced from Panik and is dedicated to his students.

If You Want to Believe (produced by Panik) – this one is for my students from MAS at Little Village Lawndale High School. I had reached a point in my life where besides making music, I felt a disconnect with serving and being of some assistance to our society. I was blessed with a position at this school and these kids have changed my life more than they could imagine. I wish I can save them all and fix all of their problems, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. I’m just glad I can speak to them, give them some perspective and hope that I can get through to them somehow. I just want them to see the world and understand that they are capable of changing it for the better. This one is for them.

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Scheme – 8:07 AM En Nuevo Laredo

posted by Alex September 15, 2014


The artist formerly known as Scheme is back with his second release under Navarro. This time he links up with Slot-A for the production on “8:07 AM En Nuevo Laredo”. The track speaks about the many struggles and situations that come for many Mexican Americans and why many need not speak on the current situations that are going on in their old towns that they left behind. Hit the jump to take a listen to “8:07 AM En Nuevo Laredo”. Continue Reading

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Scheme – YNT (Remake)

posted by Alex August 26, 2013


While everyone was talking about the VMA’s and what happened on Breaking Bad last night, Scheme decided to drop one final song from Pocket Full of Pesos. The song is called YNT, which is a remake from Prodigy and Alchemist’s Albert Einstein project. Scheme also gave a date of 9/23, to when he’ll be dropping Pocket Full of Pesos which will feature DJ Scend.  Hit the jump and take a listen below! Continue Reading

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Recap: Kinto Sol, Scheme x DJ Scend, Esohel x Ricky Dubs – Live at The Shrine

posted by Oscar May 29, 2013

Kinto Sol

Last Friday, May 24th, legendary Chicano Rap group, Kinto Sol, took over Chicago’s The Shrine. While The Shrine is best known for its place in Chicago’s Hip Hop culture, this time it hosted a night that featured a Latin twist to the genre.  With a good combination of a classic act and young talent, Chicago’s South Loop was witness to a great, fun night of Latin Hip Hop.

The veteran Latin rappers headlined a bill that included mostly local acts like Serpientes y Piramides, Scheme with DJ Scend, and Esohel with Ricky Dubs. Hit the jump and check out clips we took of each performance in order in which they appeared. Also, below the performances, you will find some hi-def pics from that night.

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Scheme – Poesia en Abril at Northeastern University

posted by Alex April 16, 2013


Scheme did something different at Northeastern University last night. He was brought in to the university for it’s Poesia en Abril Festival which was sponsored by Contratiempo. Scheme became a professor for the night by giving his insight on how poetry plays a role in the music that he composes while doing acapella performances for some of his spanish songs such as “Chicano”, “Lo Mucho Que te Quiero”, “Lost Children of Royalty”, and “Vista Del Mar”. He also gave the audience an insight look of where he got his inspiration from for each song and performed a couple of songs with music. Check out some of the footage below. Continue Reading

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Video: Scheme – La Clika (BTS)

posted by Alex April 3, 2013

So Scheme’s “La Clika” video is just about ready for the public to view. Until it’s out, here’s some “behind the scenes” footage of what went down on the day of the shoot. We were actually present for the filming of the video, and it was amazing seeing the support that Scheme and the whole SRNC crew received that day. This footage was shot by George Sol of Sol Films. If you need a refresher, “La Clika” can be heard below as well. Continue Reading

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Scheme – Vista Del Mar (Video)

posted by Alex February 27, 2013

Scheme decided to drop the visuals to his deep and personal Spanish joint, “Vista Del Mar” today. The video was shot and directed by the one and only, Sense Hernandez.

“Vista Del Mar focuses on family and those sacrifices we all have to make it to follow a dream. Scheme wrote and recorded Vista Del Mar with the focus of telling a part of the story; this particular story focuses on his grandma never seeing the ocean, and how he hasn’t had the chance to take her, but brought it to her sonically, with hopes of one day making it a reality. Reminiscing over family pictures, Scheme tells his story, and the story of many. Our parents left in pursuit of a dream, and all we want is to see it come true for them.”

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Scheme – “Young Scheme for President” (Remake)

posted by Alex January 30, 2013

ysfp-coverScheme is back with another remake while he works on his up and coming projects. This time he has some fun with Bun B’s, “Bun B For President” instrumental. Pocket Full of Pesos is set to come out in the Spring and Pesos Turn to Dollars LP is set to release in the summer. Until then, check out “Young Scheme for President” below. Continue Reading