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See ‘Yeezus Film’, a Fan-Made Video of Kanye West’s Latest Tour

posted by Oscar December 1, 2014

The Yeezus Tour was one of the most thrilling performances of 2013 and after some well-deserved “quiet time” for Kanye West in the months after the tour finished off its American leg in February, that brilliant run was brought back to light thanks to fan John Colandra. Colandra put together what he’s also dubbed the Yeezus Film, which is a 2-hours plus compilation of concert footage uploaded on YouTube.

According to the video’s description, this project was put together with footage “from almost every stop on the Yeezus Tour” and is the result of “over seven months of work.”

If you never got to witness the awesomeness that was this concert, or simply want to re-live the experience, check out the film above.


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Kanye West – ‘Yeezus Film’ (Trailer)

posted by Alberto February 27, 2014


Kanye West has just released a trailer for a new film directed by Hype Williams that he will be releasing in theaters soon. The new film, ‘Yeezus Film,’ looks like it be a great recap of his Yeezus tour. Can’t wait to relive the show and for those that did not check out one of the Yeezus tour stops, this film will be a must-see.

Watch the trailer here.