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Hear Newly Unearthed Jimi Hendrix Song “Station Break”

posted by Oscar March 9, 2015

Jimi Hendrix


Today brought the news that a new song featuring none other than legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Before becoming one of the greatest ever to play the six-string Jimi was a session musician for the likes of Little Richard and The Isley Brothers, and during that phase he recorded a number of tracks with New York R&B band Curtis Knight and the Squires back in 1965.

A year later he would go on to become the Jimi we all know and love, but not before leaving behind a handful of records that never really saw the light of day. Today the Hendrix estate has unearthed “Station Break,” a song Jimi wrote and played on, and it’s actually a song that had never before been released on any format.

Hear it below when it becomes available for the public; until then stream the Blues number via The Daily Beast premiere. Continue Reading


Movie Trailer – Jimi: All Is By My Side

posted by Alex July 3, 2014

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Check out the latest trailer for Jimi: All Is By My Side starring Outkast’s Three Stacks. This is definitely a movie to look forward to come Fall season. The movie centers around Jimi’s earlier career as well as when he was a backup guitarist in New York. Peep the trailer above.

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Video: Clip of André 3000 Playing Jimi Hendrix From ‘All Is By My Side’

posted by Oscar March 6, 2014

Last year we learned that OutKast’s André 3000 was set to play the iconic Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic revealed to be titled, All Is By My Side. A major setback to this film is that the late guitarist’s estate denied the film the rights to use Hendrix’s music producers had to work around that. Apparently, the film focuses on Jimi’s year in London and his rise to fame there. The people behind the movie have shared a short clip in which you see Hendrix attempting to convince the model Linda Keith, played by Imogen Poots, to come to the Monterey Pop Festival with him.

All Is By My Side will premier at the SXSW Film Festival tomorrow night, March 7. See the clip above.



Video: Animated Jimi Hendrix Interview on ‘Blank on Blank’

posted by Oscar February 5, 2014

For the latest vintage interview revived by the folks at PBS Digital Studios, the latest edition of Blank on Blank focuses on what turned out the be the final interview of the legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Conducted on Sept. 11, 1970 in London by Keith Altham, the interview sees Jimi open up about the evolution of his “look” and his music, music getting too heavy, and wanting to bring about a sort of 3rd world where he would actually “belong.” See it, with animation from Patrick Smith, above.

Hear the full interview RocksBackPages.com

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Video: Janelle Monáe Performs Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” on ‘Fallon’

posted by Oscar April 2, 2013

Is there anyone in Rock history more badass than Jimi Hendrix? His latest album People, Hell and Angels featuring previously-unearthed material was recently released and even debuted at number 2 on the Billboard charts. To support the album’s release and to honor the guitar legend, Janelle Monáe headed over to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and performed the Hendrix classic “Little Wing” alongside The Roots and Kellindo Parker on guitar. The cover was indeed pretty good. “Little Wing” is easily one of Hendrix’s best songs and it proves its timelessness as it sounded just as soulful, powerful and fresh as ever through Monáe’s rendition of it.

See it above.