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Project: Astonish – To Whom It May Concern

posted by Alex October 28, 2016


A couple of days late on Astonish’s new project, but nonetheless we definitely had to feature To Who It May Concern. I have actually listened to this project a few times since it’s release and I was definitely vibing out to each and every track.

When someone puts out a project and claims that “they’ve been through a lot”, you sometimes can’t really feel it in their project. When I listened to To Whom It May Concern the first time, I surely felt everything that Astonish went through. It’s evident that Atonish has imprinted his blood, sweat, tears, feelings and so much more into this offering. I also noticed that Astonish brought the right mix of artists to express his feelings such as Treated Crew’s Mano on “My Theme Song”, JDott (RIP) on “Ride”, Jus’Q on “We Did It” & “Peace”, and Chris Crack on “Triple Beam”. Here’s the perfect scenario to listen to this album: Take a cruise down LakeShore Drive. Start at Montrose and literally go all the way down past South Shore Drive and into that new South Lake Shote Drive on 87th. Park up at Steelworkers Park. Light up. Listen to To Whom It May Concern below.

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New Project: JDott Trife – 3 Days Before Jesus

posted by Alex December 22, 2015

CW2aEqzU4AA1CELHappy birthday to the homie, JDott today. Although he didn’t see his 32nd birthday today on earth, rest assure he’s celebrating with some Hennessy and jerk chicken in the heavens.

When I last visited JDott with a couple of artists before his passing, Nascent was present with him. They were going over a track for this particular project. He literally was working on his craft up until his death. JDott talked about the title and reason for calling it, 3 Days Before Jesus. He also touched upon the titles for his upcoming projects following this one. I won’t say the titles he came up with, but they were super creative and gave me hope that he was going to overcome this. This was a week before his passing.  Unfortunately, the man upstairs had different plans.

JDott will be missed. He left us his music as a gift and today, we can hear 3 Days Before Jesus. The project was produced entirely by Nascent. Check it out below Continue Reading

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New Project: JDott Trife – Trife

posted by Alex October 16, 2015


Though JDott might be gone, he is definitely not forgotten. Here’s the Treated Crew member’s latest album that he left for all of us called Trife. You can hear production from DJ O-Zone, Nascent, Mano and Wes P while hearing the likes of Astonish, White Gzus, Mic Terror, Blanco Caine and G Count as features. Take a listen to Trife below. We’re still missing you homie!

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Video: JDott Trife – “O.D.”

posted by Oscar October 13, 2015

Over the weekend we got the news that our homie JDott Trife had passed away after a long battle with cancer. That news hit close to home for those of us here at POD who knew him as much as it did for all of the fans he amassed in his career, but the silver lining is that we’ll always have his music.

His legacy deserves to continue and today we get to help further spread the word about this artist by sharing his final video, shot for his song “O.D.” The visuals for the track produced by DJ O-Zone were taken in LA, part of Trife’s final project and documentary, TRIFE, both of which were completed prior to his passing.

See the video co-directed by Sense Hernandez and JDott himself above. RIP, brother.


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Video: JDott Trife – F*ck’em All

posted by Alex June 16, 2015

Here’s some more from JDott Trife! The video to his “F*ck’em All” track that has been getting a lot of play recently. The video doesn’t have JDott or O-Zone in it, but rather a numerous amount of clips that go along with the title of the song. Sense Hernandez does a really good job in getting the right clips for the song on this one. Peep the video above and be sure to stay in tune for Tirfe’s upcoming project.

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JDott Trife – F*ck’em All featuring Mic Terror (ManoRemix)

posted by Alex June 4, 2015


With so much success from JDott Trife and DJ O-Zone’s “F*ck’Em All” that was recently dropped a couple of weeks ago, we definitely could enjoy a remix. We wanted a remix, but we ended up getting a little extra. We got the Treated Crew Edition of “F*ck’Em All” which includes a verse from Mic Terror and some help from Mano on the production side. Take a listen to the track below.

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JDott Trife – “F*ck ’em All”

posted by Alex May 18, 2015


As the homie JDott gets back into the groove of things, he gives us all a reminder that he isn’t going anywhere and no matter what happens, he’ll always be the one to give you a “F*ck You” if he doesn’t like you. The DJ O-Zone produced track is from JDott’s upcoming project,  TRIFE. Take a listen to JDott’s latest below. Continue Reading

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JDott Trife X Blanco Caine – Eveythang

posted by Alex April 1, 2015


As JDott recovers in the hospital (See below for a message from him) he gives us a glimpse of what he has been working on. “Everythang” features Blanco Caine over a Nascent beat and we can expect to get Trife, his new album along with a movie called Trife Life as soon as he gets out of the hospital. Check out “Everythang” below.

On January 29th I was diagnosed with (FAP) Familial Abdominal Polyposis, which is a rare form of Colon cancer. I had surgery on February 3rd and they removed everything. Im still currently in the hospital for recovery, I’m doing well and recouping fast. I’m no stranger to adversity and this will not hold me back, if anything it makes me stronger than ever. I’m more determined and dedicated than I’ve ever been. I believe God let’s you go through certain rough obstacles in life to toughen you up and prepare you for what’s next. Your success is measured by your struggle. So you can expect more music and everything else from me, believe that like you believe in Jesus. I’ll never stop.

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Video: JDott Trife – In The Air

posted by Alex May 20, 2014

JDott Trife, DJ O-Zone, and Beast Factory Films are one of the best combinations that I’ve seen. The work that all three parties contribute to make a visual is flawless. Check out JDott Trife’s latest video for “In The Air” from his upcoming project titled, Trife. The track was produced by O-Zone, while the visuals were taken care of by Sense Hernandez and Tony Shane of Beast Factory Films.