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Video: “The Return of Coach Lasso” feat. Jason Sudeikis

posted by Oscar August 8, 2014

One of the funniest TV spots surrounding sports in recent memory is without a doubt the “Coach Lasso” bit NBC Sports released last year to promote their Premier League broadcasts. With the start of a new Premier League season we also get the return of Coach Lasso, played hilariously by Jason Sudeikis.

After being fired by Tottenham Hotspur, Coach Lasso is back in ‘Merica and he’s looking to make the most of his Premier League experience. There are tons of great bits of information that he shares with us in this clip including how he supports “the Spurs” in the states, riding around in his car he dubbed Bradley Cooper, and the finale is the icing on the cake.

See the new video above; Premier League football returns Saturday, August 16th.

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Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso – American Football Coach in English Soccer

posted by Oscar August 6, 2013

Coach Lasso Tottenham Hotspur

Coach Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) was called to England to coach the Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur, and while it’s still technically football, it’s not exactly what he’s used to. See him try to learn the rules, making connections between Premiership teams and NFL teams (basically the Cowboys), and managing practice for the first time. If you’re into sports, especially fans of soccer, you’ll also see why this is hilarious.

Watch the Premier League on NBC and NBC Sports Network starting Saturday, August 17th.