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Video: Jake Bugg – “Slumville Sunrise” (Acoustic)

posted by Oscar November 23, 2013

Jake Bugg released his latest album, Shangri La, earlier this week and the young Brit is already out on the road playing new cuts to help promote it. Bugg played a secret gig at Nottingham’s The Maze in early November and there he performed the track “Slumville Sunrise” with only his acoustic guitar and his vocals doing all the work.

The result is still pretty cool and you can see it in the video shown above.

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Jake Bugg – “What Doesn’t Kill You” (Acoustic)

posted by Oscar November 20, 2013

Jake Bugg What Doesn't Kill You

Jake Bugg’s sophomore album (Shangri La) dropped yesterday, 11/19, and today we get an acoustic version of lead single, “What Doesn’t Kill You.” The song, in its original version, is a Punk-y track that packs a good punch and this stripped down acoustic version stays true to that while showcasing Bugg’s vocal abilities and his guitar work under minimal production. It was good but, for someone who’s a sucker for guitar solos, I wish Bugg would have added one on this version.

Hear it over at Pigeons & Planes.


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Stream: Jake Bugg – ‘Shangri La’

posted by Oscar November 15, 2013

Jake Bugg - Shangri-La

Jake Bugg has made his latest album, Shangri La, available for streaming via NPR. Bugg’s latest album was produced by music genius Rick Rubin, whose recording studio was the inspiration for the album title, and includes the help of the Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith on drums, and Matt Sweeney and Jason Lader on guitar and bass, respectively.

Stream it here: http://idj.to/1acCIN1

Pre-order the album on iTunes (available 11/19): http://smarturl.it/ishangrila

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Jake Bugg – “Song About Love”

posted by Oscar November 13, 2013

Jake Bugg - Shangri-La

Jake Bugg’s sophomore album, Shangri La, is set to drop next week (11/19) and today he’s released another track to preview the new project. The song is a ballad titled “Song About Love” and follows a similar structure some of the softer tracks heard in his debut. I first heard this track some months ago when Bugg played it live at the Metro a few months, and it was a great song to see performed in an intimate club.

Hear it below. Continue Reading

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Jake Bugg – “Messed Up Kids”

posted by Oscar November 12, 2013

Jake Bugg - Shangri-La

Jake Bugg has released another cut from his forthcoming album, Shangri La. The new unveiled track is titled “Messed Up Kids” and it features a Folk-y riff but it’s essentially more of a modern Brit-Pop song. From the looks we’ve gotten so far, Bugg’s new album should be a good one.

Hear “Messed Up Kids” below. Continue Reading

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Video: Jake Bugg – “Slumville Sunrise”

posted by Oscar October 21, 2013

Jake Bugg has released his latest video for his new single, “Slumville Sunrise” and the clip is weird and funny, to say the least. Like taking a page straight out of a book filled with British Comedy go-to bits, the video starts with Bugg running from police after stealing an engagement ring and then all sorts of other characters join in on the chase (sometimes in that comical “fast-forward” pace). Elvis impersonators, the most terribly produced sailing scene, and even a “granny swap.” This is just weird and so un-Bugg-like, but that’s part of what makes this video fun to look at.

I honestly never thought this is what the video would turn out to be like.

See the Shane Meadows-directed video above. Get “Slumville Sunrise,” out now on iTunes, here: http://po.st/SlumvilleSunriseYTd

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Jake Bugg – “Slumville Sunrise”

posted by Oscar October 17, 2013

Jake Bugg is set to release his newest album, Shangri-La (produced by Rick Rubin at his studios that inspired the album’s title), in November of this year and today he’s released a new look at it via Rolling Stone. The track is called “Slumville Sunrise” and it follows the Rock-ier sound heard on “Trouble Town” from his last album except with a more killer solo.

Hear it at Rolling Stone here