James Blake- I Need A Forest Fire (ft.Bon Iver) Music Video

posted by JuicyJackie May 11, 2016

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James Blake has just released his album “The Colour In Anything.” Following the release of the amazing album Blake also released the video for one of my favorite songs off the album “I Need A Forest Fire.”


The song itself inches itself closer and closer to your soul. As you listen you can’t help but get lost in the beautiful sensation derived from the song, even the entire album. The song features Bon Iver an amazing collaboration that brought us this amazing song.  The title itself brings me back to a state of vulnerability; those times I felt I needed a forest fire, a spark, a nitch, anything. I’ve even shed a few tears listening to the album.


I feel as though the album touched the soul, a lot of my twitter followers agreed as well. I’m really digging this album lately, I can’t stop listening to it. It was definitely an important album and was done in a style that is completely refreshing.

Listen to “The Colour In Anything”


Watch “I Need A Forest Fire. (Ft. Bon Iver)