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Video: Mumford and Sons & Others – “…Help From My Friends” (The Beatles Cover) at Glastonbury 2013

posted by Oscar July 1, 2013

Mumford and Sons Glastonbury 2013

Modern Folk Rockers Mumford & Sons closed out Glastonbury 2013 in great fashion with a massive cover of a Beatles classic. With a little help (ha! good one, me) from members of the Vaccines, First Aid Kit, and Vampire Weekend, the UK band played The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends.” While this performance was definitely awesome, it was technically a cover of Joe Cocker’s cover of the Beatles’ song he and his band famously played at the original Woodstock. Which gets me thinking, am I the only one that prefers the peppier, less dramatic sounds of the original?

Most importantly, this all-star performance makes a good case for attending music festivals; there’s always a chance you’ll get to witness a bit of magic in the name of Rock & Roll.

(Pigeons and Planes)

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Video: The Rolling Stones Playing Glastonbury 2013

posted by Oscar June 30, 2013

The Rolling Stones are not proclaimed as a legendary band without good reason, and they demonstrated just why during their set at Glastonbury 2013. The iconic British festival welcomed one of the most iconic musicians ever, and the Stones delivered a performance full of hits from their 50 year career for the 130,000+ crowd (!!!).

I saw them earlier this year and they’re definitely worth all of the accolades they get, and I can only imagine what it must’ve felt like to be a part of that Glastonbury crowd.

See the full performance above.

(Pigeons and Planes)