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Soccer: Goals of the Week (Week 20)

posted by Oscar May 20, 2013

Gareth Bale (Tottenham) vs. Sunderland

Club play is coming to an end with the Premier League, Serie A and the Bundesliga all closing up shop for the summer. The last fixture was drenched in drama and some great goals were more without a doubt present. The top goal goes to England’s Player of the Season, Gareth Bale, who scored a superb shot from outside the penalty box to give his Tottenham a win. See the rest of our Goals of the Week below. Continue Reading


Soccer: (Week 8) Goals of the Week

posted by Oscar February 25, 2013

Rafael (Manchester United) vs. QPR

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We were treated to a lot of excellent goals around the world this weekend. I may be biased with my choice for top goal of the week, with my being a big Manchester United fan, but Rafael’s goal over QPR was just gorgeous! A power shot (with his “weak” foot!) that went into the top corner like a missile earned its spot on this list and may very well find its way on some “Goal Of The Year” lists later on. Second place this week? That’s a bit more difficult with the goals scored by Papis Cisse, Berbatov and Kaká.

See the rest of our Goals of the Week after the jump. Continue Reading