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1688Lbs – Summer Looks

posted by Alex June 16, 2017

Get in tune with one of Chicago’s up and coming streetwear brands, 1688Lbs who just dropped their summer looks today! Peep game as they’ve been hard at work for the past couple of months with their guerrilla marketing, designs and exposure into the local scene. The homies at 1688Lbs have created a different taste in streetwear that’s been missing in the local scene recently. Their style is versatile as it caters to just about anyone from creatives, skateboarders, athletes, and really anyone who is looking for something different and fresh to rock. My picks for the drop are the 1688Lbs City Skulls tee as well as the Signature 1688Lbs Signature Tee. Check out the looks below and make sure to cop from 1688Lbs’s latest drop here!

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Sheila Rashid: Chicago’s Streetwear Guru

posted by Allie Rowe February 27, 2017

Her space was littered with hard work, fabrics set out on the kitchen counter all cut into different shapes and sizes, scissors sat looking lonely for their owner’s fingers. After a year of back-and-forth reaching out to the young Chicago designer, we were finally able to find a time the two of us could meet up and talk about her work.


As simple as the concept may seem, Sheila Rashid has reinvented the way overalls will be worn in fashion for many years to come. Her work is direct and purposeful, each stitch being sewn with great thought placed behind it.

Fresh in from a Vogue panel in New York, Shelia sat down to talk about how she started her career in fashion and the direction her overalls have taken since then. Continue Reading


Lookbook: Spring 2016 Benny Gold Lexington Collection

posted by Alex March 14, 2016



The originality and style that Benny Gold contributes to the fashion world is like no other. When it comes to lookbooks, it’s no different. With Benny Gold’s Spring 2016 Lexington Collection, they replicated Google Street View’s angles and shots. It’s pretty safe to say that they really got creative with the lookbook as they always do. This season features some pretty dope tees and headwear. I’m a pretty big fan of their baseball jackets that come in white or black. Everything is available for purchase now, so head over to Benny Gold to make some purchases after you check out the lookbook below.

Continue Reading


Black Scale Autumn/Winter 2015 Video Lookbook

posted by Alex September 26, 2015

Black Scale Autumn/Winter 2015 Video LookBook from Black Scale on Vimeo.

Black Scale has got to be on top of your “must cop” list this season. If it’s not, here’s something that should be able to change your mind. Black Scale’s Autumn/Winter video lookbook shows how they are always starting trends and never following them. Check out the video above and make sure you keep it proper by getting some new Black Scale in your life.


Public Label – Winter 2013

posted by Alex December 2, 2013

P13F101001_1It’s really hard to believe that Public Label produces a collection once or twice a year. With that said, you know that every time that they drop something you can expect nothing but quality and well thought-out products. For their 2013 Winter look, Public Label keeps it simple, but sophisticated with perfect cuts and minimal design. If you’re looking for something that stands out from the rest, consider Public Label. Check the rest of the looks below! Continue Reading


Acrylick X Thud Rumble

posted by Alex November 13, 2013


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One of our favorite brands, Acrylick teamed up with Qbert’s Thud Rumble brand for a nice little collab. This collab makes the best of sense since Acrylick is deeply rooted with music and Thud Rumble is the ultimate DJ lifestyle brand out there. Check out the video above and the product that is set to come out after the jump! The collection should be available online with a set date to release on November 25th.  Continue Reading

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Stussy X Yo! MTV Raps: The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps Parts 1 & 2

posted by Alex August 11, 2013


We’ve all seen the collab between Stussy and Yo! MTV Raps already (If not, click here). Check out this two part mini documentary. Part 1 tells us the importance of Yo! MTV Raps to many artists. Part 2 discusses the fashion aspect of hip hop in the “golden era”. CLICK HERE TO SEE PART 1! CLICK HERE TO SEE PART 2!

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Dope.Boy.Magic Pop-Up Shop

posted by Alex June 6, 2013


So we’ve all seen Dope.Boy.Magic’s latest offering. Now all you Chicago supporters can pick up some of that new stuff without having to put an order in. DBM is having a pop-up shop in the Pilsen area tomorrow. The shop will open up at around 6PM and close at 10PM at 643 W. 18th Street. Stop by and pick something up tomorrow.


CBNC – Spring/Summer 2013

posted by Alex April 30, 2013

CBCNSS2013-5CBNC or Chubby Boob as most of us know it, gives us the latest from it’s Spring/Summer Collection. If you’re looking to really stand out from the crowd, Chubby Boob has the perfect stuff for you. The collection is modeled by the gorgeous,  Shay Maria and Tianna Gregory. Check out the rest of the lookbook below! Continue Reading


Staple – Summer 2013

posted by Alex April 29, 2013

STAPLEDSNSMR13-3You really can’t go wrong with some Staple for the Summer this year. Their button ups and patterns are always on point and clean. If you’re looking for something to look dope in, but don’t want to  be loud in colors, Staple has the answer for you. Check it out and don’t forget to add a bucket hat to your fit! See below to see what Staple has for the Summer. Continue Reading