Eminem Marshall Mathers Lp2 review

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Album Review: Eminem – ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’

posted by Alberto November 5, 2013

Eminem Marshall Mathers LP 2

Eminem’s 8th studio album and the follow up to his classic album, The Marshall Mathers LP, was released today. It is pretty difficult to remain relevant in Hip Hop or any genre for a long period of time, but it seems like Eminem and Jay Z have figured out the formula. They are setting the blueprint for those emcees that plan to continue rapping into their 40’s; a lot goes into remaining relevant after so many years but making great music will make your chances that much better. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is not better than the original and no one should expect that. Eminem is at a completely different place in his career now compared to when he released the first album. MMLP2, executive produced by Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre, is however, a good album despite all the pressure placed upon it. Continue Reading