D2G July 9th: A Cancer Story Review

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Review: D2G-July 9th: A Cancer Story

posted by Alberto July 16, 2013

D2G July 9th A Caner StoryI was introduced to D2G when I saw him perform a few months back at Reggies Rock Club. He put on a great set and I was looking forward to hearing some of his work. I try my best to find new talent in the city online every day through submissions or other sites, but somehow D2G had just slipped past my radar. When asked to write a review for his new release, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. July 9th: A Cancer Story is kicked off with a solid intro that deals with the topics of Illumintati and most rappers sounding alike. The immediate track that follows “A Cancer Intro” is his track “I-R.A.N.” that was released prior to the release of the mixtape. It is our first introduction to D.C., who handles a bulk of the production on the new project. Continue Reading