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Recap: Thundercat Slays the Concord

posted by Rosario Edwards February 28, 2017

Stephen Bruner, AKA Thundercat, has built a name as one of the most important studio bassists in the music industry. Working with Flying Lotus, Solange, Erykah Badu, Kamasi Washington, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kendrick Lamar and countless others, there’s a good chance you have heard Thundercat slay before, even if you’ve never heard of Thundercat. The show was sold out, thanks in part to the release of his new LP, Drunk just the day before. Continue Reading

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Video: Steve Rannazzisi – “Ordering A Pizza” (Animation)

posted by Oscar November 11, 2013

You may best recognize Steve Rannazzisi as Kevin MacArthur on The League, but he’s actually also a stand-up comedian, and a damn good one at that. In the clip you see above, Rannazzisi tells the story of how he found his new drug dealer after moving to LA. The “humanimation” on this helps recreate that story and really adds to the bit as a whole.

Catch the stand-up special, Steve Rannazzisi: Manchild, on Saturday, November 16 when it premieres at 12am/11c on Comedy Central.

See the clip above.

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Recap: Just For Laughs Chicago at Stage 773 (6/15)

posted by Oscar June 16, 2013

Just For Laughs Chicago_ jflFor our last night covering the best Comedy Festival around, we picked what would turn out to arguably be the best collection of comedy shows within the festival at Stage 773. On the bill for us were Dancing Around the Shit Fire with Kyle Kinane, Double Threat: Kumail Nanjiani & Friend, and The Super Serious Show and all comedians that night sure made good on what had them draw such crowds to begin with.

Continue Reading

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Recap: Just For Laughs Chicago at Stage 773 (6/13)

posted by Oscar June 14, 2013

Just For Laughs Chicago_ jflLast night we went out to Stage 773 again to check out some more hilarious shows and it turned out to be a great night of comedy once more. On our list of acts to see were standup and podcaster (The Champs) Moshe Kasher, Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net, and The Combo curated by Team Coco and not one of those disappointed. Continue Reading

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Recap: ‘@DadBoner and Friends, You Guys’ (Just For Laughs Chicago)

posted by Oscar June 13, 2013

20130613-134404.jpgLast night, June 12, we caught the @DadBoner and Friends, You Guys show at Stage 773 as part of the Just For Laughs Festival. While we weren’t entirely familiar with the @DadBoner character, we knew about its cult following and felt compelled enough to want to check out what Mike Burns, creator of the character, had in store for this. In hindsight, the turnout for the show did not do it justice but Burns pointed out correctly that once again, as a Michigan man, he’s been “f*cked” by the Blackhawks, this time thanks to yet another nail-biting OT game that kept fans in front of TV screens over being out for a night of comedy. Continue Reading

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Video: Constructing a Couch Gag- The Simpsons

posted by Oscar May 10, 2013

For those that may not know about this already, the next episode of The Simpsons will feature a special “couch gag” produced by the guys over at Robot Chicken, meaning it’ll all be done in stop-motion. The super meticulous process gets highlighted in two short videos with looks into how it’s all made. Very interesting stuff, to be honest, and any fan of The Simpsons and even Robot Chicken would enjoy seeing this Behind The Scenes look into the new edition of the famous “Couch Gag.”

Hit the jump to see part two of “Constructing a Couch Gag.” Continue Reading

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Speakeasy with Rob Delaney

posted by Oscar April 8, 2013

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The latest edition of Speakeasy shows host Paul F. Tompkins sit with comedian Rob Delaney. Within the interview, the comedians discuss Delaney’s Twitter presence, his knack for memorizing Cosby’s standup bits, the car accident that changed his life, and the curious case of how he caught Hepatitis A.

The full interview is shown above, hit the jump to see them play “Internet Games.” Continue Reading

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Recap: Patton Oswalt featuring Kyle Kinane

posted by Oscar June 16, 2012

The 2012 edition of the comedy festival, Just For Laughs Chicago, is now in full swing. For the second night in a row we attended a show for the festival and the set sure did not disappoint. Thursday night’s bill: Patton Oswalt, featuring Kyle Kinane as the opener at the historic Chicago venue, The Vic Theatre. Continue Reading

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Recap: The Blackout Diaries

posted by Oscar June 14, 2012

Last night I stopped by the Lincoln Lodge as they hosted a special edition of the Blackout Diaries in part of the Just For Laughs Chicago ’12 festival. The kick to this special event was that those who had purchased tickets, showed up to the venue without prior knowledge of what comedians would go on to hit the stage. Continue Reading

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