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Recap: Joseph Chilliams @ Lincoln Hall

posted by Rosario Edwards January 13, 2018

Lincoln Hall was full of good vibes last night as Joseph Chilliams and company took the stage.


First of the female rap duo Mother Nature took the stage and brought the crowds energy way up. Their style is unique in that they are both socially conscious as well as in your face and the vibe was downright fun. Not that those things are mutually exclusive but to see two MC’s on stage talking about society’s problems while making the crowd bounce and groove is a rare site. Continue Reading

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NE-HI feat. Jamila Woods – “The Times I’m Not There”

posted by Oscar November 8, 2017

I’ve been saying it for a while now, Chicago has one of the dopest, most dynamic music scenes around, and there’s no better sign of that than today’s release of NE-HI’s collaboration with Jamila Woods. Both acts teamed up to rework NE-HI’s “The Times I’m Not There,” in an effort to contribute all proceeds from the sale of the single to benefit SocialWorks, a Chicago-based arts empowerment charity co-founded by Chance The Rapper.

The song’s original parts were rearranged and re-recorded by the band while Jamila Woods provides a new vocal interpretation to the lyrics. The guitars are a little less jangly to make way for the warmer and much smoother arrangement, while Woods’ soulful singing is a thing of beauty.

Hear “The Times I’m Not There” below. Continue Reading


10 Underrated Songs of October

posted by Luis Hernandez October 30, 2017

Gucci Mane, Future x Young Thug, and even Migos decided to drop music this month taking the industry by storm every week. Often times when many high profile artists drop music lesser known acts slide under the radar without the proper attention they deserve. Being that October was another great month overall for music, here are 10 songs that may have flew under your radar and need to be played before we close the door on October 2017. Listen below.

Continue Reading


Listen to Episode 36 of 93’Til: “Friends of the Show” & An Interview with Rich Jones!

posted by Tali September 10, 2017



On this weeks episode the guys & I talk about:

(00:40) This Week’s Chicago Spotlight featuring songs [In Order] by Glassic, WebsterX, KJ WInters, Luke Titus, Stefan Ponce, Rich Jones, Sunny Woodz, Freako, Mick Jenkins, CassoBandz, Vee Miyagi, Warhol.ss, and Joseph Chilliams

(20:10) DM of the Week featuring Chicago rapper Ju

(24:57) An Interview with Rich Jones! We talk about his recent moves, how he get started in music, his favorite live performances, and more!

(01:04:01) To Coast with Tali: We talk about new albums by Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak, Daniel Caesar, and A$AP Mob. Also Wu-Tang coming back, Lonzo Ball vs. Lil B, & more!


Stay up to date with the latest episodes! Follow us below:

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+++++ Plus all the music we discuss on Episode 36!

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Must Listen: “A Layover” By Mick Jenkins

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 30, 2017

It’s been a relatively quiet 2017 for Mick Jenkins. His most recent appearance on a track was his exceptional guest spot on Mulatto Beats’s “Guilty Automatic” last month, and the latest single he dropped himself was the GoldLink featured “Pressed For Time” five months ago. The Chicago rapper has been in quite the layover indeed. After tweeting about how he’s working on a new album for the last few weeks though, he finally blessed our ears with a new single.

Whether or not “A Layover” is a loosie or is a single off his new album is unknown yet, but as long as Mick is dropping new music, it honestly doesn’t matter. This song is a classic Mick Jenkins staple, with an absolutely heavenly mellow drum beat produced by THEMPeople and Mick just dropping bars for two straight minutes.

With slick humble brags like “Silver spoon, I don’t need no clout” and “The driver hit me with “enchante/I think he know we eating good like them small ass plates,” Mick reminds audiences that he’s still just as good as ever, which could spell trouble for the competition. As he says in the closing lines of the song, he’s “7 hours ahead, n—a all y’all late.” If “A Layover” is indeed just a sample of what we should expect from the Southside rapper in the coming months, then it’s time that we start including his name more regularly in conversations talking about the best rapper in Chicago.


UG Vavy Drops Two New Tracks Just In Time For Back To School Season

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 28, 2017


Chicago rapper/producer UG Vavy blessed the music scene yesterday by dropping not one, but TWO brand new fire tracks that are sure to be absolute hits at all the college functions for the new school year.

First up is “Man On Campus.” This high energy track features a beat produced around a college marching band sample. The college theme isn’t just restricted to the production though. With lines like “F–k a scholarship/Only went to college just so I could f–k a college b—h” and “If you play the captain they gon fall in line like pledging s–t,” keeps the theme overt in the lyrics as well. UG tweeted that he recorded this song while he was lit himself, and that energy definitely transferred over to the track as it’s braggadocious fun from start to end.

The second track is “Go Crazy,” a remix of Ryahn’s “Baby Boy.” It’s a more mellow and smooth track for the ladies. Vavy lets the girl he’s talking to in the song that he’s going to hold it down for her unlike the guys from her past (“See these n—as ain’t no lakers, they ain’t James Worthy/And if she only want me then why should I worry”).  The juxtaposition between this track and “Man on Campus”is wonderful. With UG flexing his versatility by being able to drop one hype turn-up song and one smooth love track that both still sound like they can get bodies on the dance floor at the function is just a testament to him being one of the city’s most talented artists.

As we transition from Summer to Fall, UG Vavy showed once gain that while he’s still putting put music, the season is always going to be FUEGO.

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Listen to The Trials and Tribulations of Living in a “World Of Dreams” by Ridgio

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 18, 2017

Local rapper Ridgio just dropped a new project, and it’s sure to be one of the most pleasantly soulful things you’ll here all week. World Of Dreams is a smooth product, with each track seamlessly transitioning into the next. Ridgio bears his soul and makes himself vulnerable on almost every song, which is a refreshing change of pace in an era where much of the most popular rap music tends to be more braggadocious.

Much of the project focuses on the theme of what it means to chase after your ambitions while also staying true to yourself, which can be a tremendous struggle.  Stand out track “Best Of Me” captures this theme perfectly in the hook, which includes the lines, “I know the world can get the best of me/Why these n—s testin’ me?” It’s a wonderfully simple track with one verse sandwiched between two hooks, and it gives the listener ample time to reflect on their own trials and tribulations of getting where they want to be.

The production for much of the project follows a traditional boom-bap and soulful style which compliments perfectly with Ridgio’s raps, which are exceptional. Ridgio acknowledges early on in Passion & Dreams, that he’s just like any other person trying to figure it out their place in the world, mistakes and all, especially on “I Ain’t Perfect,” which is him truly exposing his struggles (“I’m trying to live forever but my time short/The devil keep trying talk to me, ain’t got time for it”). However, as World Of Dreams progresses, each track noticeably gets more and more upbeat and the closing track, “I’m Just A Man,” is the perfect culmination of it all.

“I’m Just a Man” comes off as him accepting that fact with genuine bliss, with lines (“I fell in love in the challenges?And Climbed right on top of them” and “I know I’m just a man/and I’m just chilling with my friends trying to figure out a plan. Coupled along with a beautiful soul sample and the accompanying music video, it’s almost impossible to not smile while listening to the most feel-good track of a feel-good project.

Make sure to support upcoming local talent and listen to World Of Dreams below:

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Klangstof and Local Natives Take Over The Concord

posted by Rosario Edwards June 30, 2017

With a crowd comprise mostly of people fresh off the beach from Local NativesMamby on the Beach set, the vibes were already very intimate and laid back.

While everyone was certainly excited to see Local Natives perform in a more intimate setting, the Norwegian band Klangstof stole the show.

Drawing comparison to Radiohead, they’re synth driven rock with emotional lyrics perfectly fit the atmosphere at the Concord Music Hall. Many of their songs began with a slow burning build up that erupted into powerful empathic and chaotic release. Standouts included album single “Hostage” as well as “Sleaze” from their current album aptly titled “Close Eyes To Exit“. The band closed their set after lead singer Koen Van de Wardt thanked everyone graciously for joining in their journey as they had traveled all the way from Norway to perform here in Chicago. It was an excellent set and definitely left us looking forward to hearing more from these guys! Continue Reading

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