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Listen to The Trials and Tribulations of Living in a “World Of Dreams” by Ridgio

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 18, 2017

Local rapper Ridgio just dropped a new project, and it’s sure to be one of the most pleasantly soulful things you’ll here all week. World Of Dreams is a smooth product, with each track seamlessly transitioning into the next. Ridgio bears his soul and makes himself vulnerable on almost every song, which is a refreshing change of pace in an era where much of the most popular rap music tends to be more braggadocious.

Much of the project focuses on the theme of what it means to chase after your ambitions while also staying true to yourself, which can be a tremendous struggle.  Stand out track “Best Of Me” captures this theme perfectly in the hook, which includes the lines, “I know the world can get the best of me/Why these n—s testin’ me?” It’s a wonderfully simple track with one verse sandwiched between two hooks, and it gives the listener ample time to reflect on their own trials and tribulations of getting where they want to be.

The production for much of the project follows a traditional boom-bap and soulful style which compliments perfectly with Ridgio’s raps, which are exceptional. Ridgio acknowledges early on in Passion & Dreams, that he’s just like any other person trying to figure it out their place in the world, mistakes and all, especially on “I Ain’t Perfect,” which is him truly exposing his struggles (“I’m trying to live forever but my time short/The devil keep trying talk to me, ain’t got time for it”). However, as World Of Dreams progresses, each track noticeably gets more and more upbeat and the closing track, “I’m Just A Man,” is the perfect culmination of it all.

“I’m Just a Man” comes off as him accepting that fact with genuine bliss, with lines (“I fell in love in the challenges?And Climbed right on top of them” and “I know I’m just a man/and I’m just chilling with my friends trying to figure out a plan. Coupled along with a beautiful soul sample and the accompanying music video, it’s almost impossible to not smile while listening to the most feel-good track of a feel-good project.

Make sure to support upcoming local talent and listen to World Of Dreams below:

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Klangstof and Local Natives Take Over The Concord

posted by Rosario Edwards June 30, 2017

With a crowd comprise mostly of people fresh off the beach from Local NativesMamby on the Beach set, the vibes were already very intimate and laid back.

While everyone was certainly excited to see Local Natives perform in a more intimate setting, the Norwegian band Klangstof stole the show.

Drawing comparison to Radiohead, they’re synth driven rock with emotional lyrics perfectly fit the atmosphere at the Concord Music Hall. Many of their songs began with a slow burning build up that erupted into powerful empathic and chaotic release. Standouts included album single “Hostage” as well as “Sleaze” from their current album aptly titled “Close Eyes To Exit“. The band closed their set after lead singer Koen Van de Wardt thanked everyone graciously for joining in their journey as they had traveled all the way from Norway to perform here in Chicago. It was an excellent set and definitely left us looking forward to hearing more from these guys! Continue Reading

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‘A People’s History of Chicago’ Gallery – Closing Reception

posted by Rosario Edwards May 24, 2017

Kevin Coval has written a book of poems about the history of the City of Chicago and the influence that hip hop has had on it throughout the centuries of its existence. He’s also put together an excellent gallery featuring work from artists that contributed to his book.

Tomorrow is the last night of that gallery, and your last chance to buy an exclusive piece of work from artists like Hebru Brantley, Paul Branton, Runsy, Bianca Pastel, and Troy Scat. As well as a chance to hear a reading from Kevin, Matt Muse, Lyriq the Mi$fit, and Patricia Frazier.

This book has received the blessings of Chance The Rapper, who has been greatly inspired by Kevin, and even wrote the Foreword to the book!

It’s a free event, and an awesome opportunity to see what this city really has to offer.

Chicago Truborn (1741 W Chicago Ave).

Thursday May 25 – Readings begin at 7:30

And be on the lookout for our PoD interview with Kevin, coming soon! The man is incredibly inspiring, and just breathes positivity.



Playlist for the Week: 10 Essential Plu2o Nash Produced Tracks

posted by Luis Hernandez May 22, 2017

When people think about hit making producers in the game, the first names that usually come to mind are Metro Boomin, 40, TM88, and a few others. However, Chicago also has one of these producers quickly on the rise to enter this elite class, his name is Plu20 Nash, who has been making a name for himself around the city for years. Fast forward to 2017, Plu20 is coming off of one of his best years ever in 2016 and is poised to make even more noise this year. With collabs that include Lucki, Chance, A$AP Rocky, the NBHD and more, Plu20 is on his way to becoming one of the best producers in the game. He has said he wants to go down as the best producer of all time and if he continues on this track it’s quite possible he’ll make that happen. In the meantime, get these 10 Plu20 Nash produced tracks in rotation to make this week a great one.

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The Demon Prince Of Chicago, Lucki, Has Finally Released “Watch My Back”

posted by Miguelini May 7, 2017

Cover Art: 

LUCKI has been one of the most consistent rappers from Chicago for awhile now, and his new project titled Watch My Back only solidifies his throne as the Dark Prince of Chicago’s underground music wave. In fact, Lucki’s reach stretches way past Chicago with creative connections and fans all over the U.S. which end up making this a stand out tape for an artist who is often criticized for rhyming about the usual subject matter-xans, lean, and more xan. 

The component that makes Lucki’s music so appealing and unique is that he takes the reality of drugs and addiction and makes his music just that, deadly addicting. First off, he has a real ear for production and supporting indie producers who have a sound of their own pays off way more than finding copycat mainstream sounds. He proves just that with the outstanding production assistance; from great Chicago talent such as uglyfriend, grimmdoza, and ANTI producers Plu2o_NashMayhemMeech, and AdioAntito the Philly Treadstyle Masters of Working on Dying like F1LTHY and to other notable producers such as dzyGnealz, Ravi, 6 Below, and Lilvoe The last but certainly not the least important production contribution on the tape is most notable for his iconic work with A$AP back in the day, Clams Casino (clammyclams)

When listening to Lucki spit out self destructing, narcissistic raps in his signature drugged out cadence over ominous, evil beats, the listener embarks on a deadly sonic rollercoaster ride of some sort, a ride that demands to be taken again and again. Take the plunge and listen to Watch My Back below, I promise my fellow heathens and dirtbags of the world will be hooked instantly.

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Fat Tiger Workshop via Des Money

posted by Allie Rowe May 1, 2017

I sat down and talked with the manager of Fat Tiger a local clothing shop in Chicago that is known for its original styles and streetwear. Here’s what he had to say about Fat Tiger and much more in the fashion industry.

So tell me your name:

Des: Alright my name is Des, some people call me Des Money.

How’d you get the name Des Money? 

Des: Uhhhh shit um, So I mean it started way when I was younger, my mom used to really go all out and dress me up and shit like that. Three piece suits or whatever. So when we would go out to family functions and my aunties and uncles used to just give me money. It was just a thing. My nickname was always like money man cuz I always had dollars on me. Continue Reading

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Chicago Legend BiGBODYFiJi Announces New EP/Listening Party!

posted by Miguelini April 26, 2017

Photography by @_alexzandro

It’s only been 3 months since MiLiTiA MUZiK VOL.1 came out but BIGBODYFIJI and the DECENTMILITIA plan to keep taking 2017 by storm. This Friday at JUGRNAUT there will be a listening party for Fiji’s latest project, the Messico EP, which is set to drop on May 5th. All Decent Militia family and friends need to come out to witness this historic moment but if you can’t make it for whatever reason, DSTNTNVISUALS will be having a live Instagram stream of the entire event! (Shoutout !)  You will have to come to JUGRNAUT Friday or tune into the live stream to find out why BiGBODYFiJi is the true king of the streets and maybe even discover the mystery behind his recent fascination with… Mexico? (A Cinco de Mayo release date, Messico Ep, what is going on???) Until then check out the tracklist below! All I can say is 2017 is already looking Decent as fuck.


Music To Survive Monday: 5 Essential Jayaire Woods Tracks

posted by Luis Hernandez March 6, 2017

Everywhere you look in Chicago there are talented artists making their mark the industry nationwide. One artist that has put himself into that category is Jayaire Woods, who is signed to powerhouse indie label Quality Control Music, joining the team that reps Migos, Rich the Kid, and Lil Yachty. Woods has been putting in work for a minute, performing all over the city as well as dropping tracks consistently on his soundcloud page. Jayaire has the flows, delivery, and bars to become one of the best in the game. If you’re sleeping on this guy, here are 5 essential songs from Jayaire that need to be in rotation this Monday. Listen Below:



Jayaire goes crazy on this, giving you noteworthy bars all over this dope beat.


This song is a perfect example of why I think Jayaire will be a star, he is able to ride any beat perfectly and make it his own hit.


Jayaire again comes with those bars that will be stuck in your head for days on this one.

One Time

S/o to VZN for this beat, which goes crazy and Jayaire comes out hungrier then ever, making this one of my favorite songs by him.

Man Of The Year (Ft. Lil Yachty)

Jayaire and Quality Control teammate Lil Yachty teamed up on this hit and give Schoolboy Q a run for his money for who has the best Man of The Year song.

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