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Chance The Rapper’s Toca Tuesdays Premiere

posted by Oscar March 26, 2014

Chance The Rapper Live in Toronto 2013

Chano’s looking to hit bigger in 2014 after the stellar year 2013 was for him. The young rapper’s been releasing tracks here and there while features are starting to spring up as well (see yesterday’s “Childs Play” by SZA), not to mention being announced on this year’s Lolla lineup (second year in a row).

Today we get to hear another new track from the SaveMoney rep, an untitled one that debuted on Tony Touch’s “Toca Tuesdays.” While we don’t know what it may be called, what we do know is that this one’s about the thotties. The “perfect thottie,” to be more specific. The production and flow is a deviation from the sound you’d hear on Acid Rap, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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Video: Chance The Rapper – “Everybody’s Something”

posted by Oscar July 30, 2013

The latest Austin Vesely-directed video is Chance The Rapper’s “Everybody’s Something” and it’s straight up Dope. The visuals for the song blend the lyrics with relevant clips (particularly digging the “middle finger Uncle Samuel” and the “we invented Rock before the Stone” scenes), so you see Chano simply performing the track while Vesely employs a layered projection effect that brings to mind the look of the sort of trippy videos shot in the late 60’s and early 70’s (like Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”).

Check it out above.