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Hear Chance The Rapper in Britain Cover Drake’s “Feel No Ways,” Pray for Kanye West

posted by Oscar November 22, 2016


Chance The Rapper is currently across the pond for Magnificent Coloring World Tour and during his stop in the UK, he appeared on today’s episode of BBC Radio 1Xtra. During his session on 1Xtra Live Lounge for Trevor Nelson’s show, Chano and his band The Social Experiment played Coloring Book stand-out track “All We Got” and a cover of Drake’s “Feel No Ways.”

During their performance of Kanye West collab “All We Got,” Chance sent out a prayer in response to Kanye’s hospitalization yesterday. The fellow Chicago rapper said:

“I want to extend a very special prayer to my big brother, Kanye West. I know there’s a lot of weird folks out there but you already know that I’m a hundred grand… I want to just extend this prayer and this love from all the way in Britain. We might come home early to see this man. Happy Thanksgiving.

Listen to the episode here; Chance appears on the session around the 2:16:00 mark. Hear the prayer below. Continue Reading

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Album Review: Our Top 5 Songs on ‘Coloring Book,’ by Chance The Rapper

posted by Oscar May 18, 2016

Chance The Rapper Chance 3

The long anticipation for a new project from Chance The Rapper finally ended when the Chicago man unleashed Coloring Book to the masses last week on May 12 of this year. Chano has been making a name for himself outside of his hometown for quite some time now, conquering the Hip Hop game year after year since Acid Rap dropped thanks to his work on collaborative projects like Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment’s Surf and a key role in the making of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pabloplus headlining music festivals like Lollapalooza (back-to-back!) and Pitchfork.

First off, let me say a little bit about Coloring Book as a whole. This should be considered a mixtape by name only, because it is an outright album by all other definitions. The songwriting, the production, the finesse, the swagger, the gravitas. Coloring Book has all of the elements of a full-fledged major record label release, somehow packaged as a mixtape on the biggest online music retailer because only Chance The Rapper can pull off something like that. This project is a defining moment in the career of young Chance. He has ascended to the pinnacle of the Hip Hop game with the album also nicknamed #Chance3, proving with each track his artistic depth, his penchant for masterful lyricism, and an effortless ability to craft timeless rhymes. This is the culmination of an unrelenting vision first conjured up by a young man from the Southside of Chicago, now standing among the elite of the genre.

I won’t do this album justice by simply naming 5 songs that are worth hearing. This album is more than that; the whole mixtape plays more like one big highlight reel. Coloring Book not only deserves your undivided attention, but it demands it with each passing track. Immerse yourself in its genre-bending glory to truly experience what this artistic work aims to accomplish. However, for the sake of this review, we’re simply pointing out the joints that stood out the most on an individual basis. These are the tracks that got revisited time and again for one listening session to the next; these are the songs that have earned themselves the right to hit our eardrums just little bit louder than the rest.

So hit the jump and see what are our Top 5 favorite songs on Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book. Continue Reading

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Video: Chance The Rapper Performs Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”

posted by Oscar March 30, 2016

One of the greatest moments of Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo was “Ultralight Beam,” which featured POD favorite Chance The Rapper. Chano was out in Raleigh, NC last night for a run of shows on that side of the country and while there he treated the fans to a performance of that stand-out track.

It’s spine-tingling seeing it performed live finally. Can’t wait to witness this in person sometime soon. Check it out above before it gets taken down.


Video: Chance The Rapper Covers Kanye’s “All Falls Down” Live In Paris

posted by Oscar August 24, 2013

Without a doubt, two of Chicago’s biggest acts these days are Kanye West and Chance The Rapper. During the latter’s set in Paris, Chano performed a cover of Yeezus’ famous hit “All Falls Down.” The Chicago connection sounds great in this live rendition and one can only hope that this is foreshadowing something to come between the rappers.

See a couple more clips of his set at Rock en Seine below. Continue Reading