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Kris Bowers feat. Julia Easterlin – “Forget – Er”

posted by Oscar December 2, 2013

Kris Bowers

Allow us to introduce to you: Kris Bowers. Bowers is a 24 year old pianist is set to release his debut album, Heroes + Misfits, on Concord Jazz Records this coming March, 4, 2014. The new album’s lead single, titled “Forget – Er” (featuring Julia Easterlin on vocals), is a good demonstration of Bowers’ abilities while showcasing his brand of new age Jazz.

About the new album, Bowers says:

“Radio and the media in general used to define what we would listen to or watch or consume,” he says. “But in the age of the internet, people can choose what they want to listen to or follow. They don’t need to conform. Being an individual and being unique – indeed, being a misfit – is celebrated now more than ever.”

Hear the lead track below. Continue Reading