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New Project: Bodega Bamz – All Eyez Off Me

posted by Alex June 1, 2016


There aren’t many out there representing for us Latinos in hip hop more than Bodega Bamz. His style and rhymes are unmatched and like no other. Consider today halftime of 2016! With that being said, Bamz dropped All Eyez Off Me earlier today with very minimal features. You should really consider this a free album as it definitely has the production and attention to detail as a project that can be sold at full price. Take a listen to All Eyez Off Me below.

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Video: Bodega Bamz – “All EYEZ OFF ME”

posted by Alex May 27, 2016

It’s been a bit since we last heard from Bamz, thankfully he won’t be keeping us waiting for too long. With the release of the “ALL EYEZ OFF ME” video above, he also gives us a date and tracklist of his upcoming project from his 3 part series. The first part is set to release on June 1st, so be on the lookout. Until that particular date, here’s Bodega Bamz’s latest video that features him ridin round and gettin it through Manhattan in an old school Cadi.

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Bodega Bamz – “My Bloody Valentine 3D”

posted by Alex February 14, 2016


In time for Valentine’s Day, Bodega Bamz gives us his latest track called “My Bloody Valentine 3D”. Bamz gets his singing on in this track while still using his lethal rhyming skill that he is best known for. The track is produced by Crada for Motion Music while it seems like Bamz continues to use the same artist that he used for “Under Pressure” and “Dark Celebration” for his cover art. Take a listen to “My Bloody Valentine” below.  Continue Reading

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Bodega Bamz – “Dark Celebration”

posted by Alex February 2, 2016


After Bodega gave us “Under Pressure” just two weeks ago he gives us another one. This time the track is called “Dark Celebration” and it’s produced by New York’s very own Martinez Brothers. I’m liking what Bamz has been cooking up recently. We’re digging the Rafal Klaus artwork that has been used on these past two releases. Listen to “Dark Celebration” below.  Continue Reading

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Bodega Bamz – “Under Pressure”

posted by Alex January 19, 2016


“This is what music is supposed to sound like”. Here’s something new from the homie, Bodega Bamz called “Under Pressure”. The TANBOYS member is definitely putting on for the Latinos in the game right now and he’s tired of a lot of things that Latinos are not being recognized for. Take a listen to “Under Pressure” below and remember who the real plug is and who distributes it. 100KeepIt! Continue Reading


Dopest Albums of 2015 By Alex

posted by Alex December 31, 2015

BeFunky Collage

As I look back at what 2015 brought us musically, I can’t help to think that we were really blessed to have so much selection in music to choose from. I have chosen my nine favorite projects of 2015, and I’m pretty sure they’re a lot different from many lists when it comes to some projects in particular. I do have to add that the majority of the music that I listen to is in my car, on my commute to work, while working out, or while I’m in the act of getting prepared for my upcoming struggles in life so my list is definitely biased to what I’ve been going through all year round. There were so many projects that I wish I could put on here, but these projects are consistently being played by me. Check out the albums I chose as my favorite of 2015 below. Continue Reading