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Video: Bob Dylan – “Like A Rolling Stone” (Interactive) feat. Danny Brown, Marc Maron, Pawn Stars

posted by Oscar November 20, 2013

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

The are very few artists as iconic as Bob Dylan and few songs are as huge and revolutionary as his “Like A Rolling Stone.” Now, just a couple of years before reaching its 50th anniversary, the legendary song has gotten the interactive video treatment with a “channel-flipping” TV design and the help of a special celebrity cast that are shown lip-synching the lyrics in their own particular fashion in each channel.

There are 16 channels viewers can switch to at any given moment that include The Price Is Right & Pawn Stars, Danny Brown performs it straight, Marc Maron (WTF Podcast) and fellow comedian Ryan Singer are having a chat using the song lyrics, plus a children’s cartoon and many others. Continue Reading