Blank On Blank


Video: Animated Lou Reed Interview for ‘Blank on Blank’

posted by Oscar February 17, 2015


The latest addition to the Blank On Blank series is an unearthed interview with Lou Reed that Joe Smith held with the iconic rocker on March 20, 1987.

Lou being Lou, he didn’t hold anything back in this rarely heard interview and delivered plenty of great lines about how he entered the music world and the approach he took on his art. Reed touches on how he dreamed about writing the great American novel while at Syracuse University, “how savage the reaction against” the Velvet Underground was, the intention of taking books and putting them into songs, writing rock and roll you could grow old with, and more.

There’s also some interesting quotes about how he thought The Doors and the Beatles were not up to the level of his band, and how he hoped to elevate the rock and roll song to where it hadn’t been before. Check it out above.


Video: Animated Robin Williams Interview on ‘Blank on Blank’

posted by Oscar December 2, 2014

One of the most devastating losses for the Entertainment world was the passing of the legendary actor Robin Williams, so today PBS Digital Studios delivered a new video for their Blank On Blank series and the artist they focused on was the famed comedian. The animated interview was held by Lawrence Grobel in 1991 for a 1992 story for Playboy.

Williams tells Grobel: “Comedy is there to basically show us we fart, we laugh. To make us realize we still are part animal…. So you don’t take yourself seriously and destroy the species.”

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63, and seeing the comedian and actor’s words come to life once more thanks to this series feels like an excellent tribute. See it above.


Video: Animated Wayne Coyne Interview on ‘Blank On Blank’

posted by Oscar November 12, 2014

The latest artist to be featured on PBS Digital Studios’ Blank On Blank series is The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne. The clip takes us back a dozen years to an interview done in 2002 with Jennifer Van Evra, in which Coyne gives details about the time he was robbed at gunpoint as a teen, and how that paved the way for his making better use of his time on Earth.

Check it above.


Video: Animated Michael Jackson Interview on ‘Blank On Blank’

posted by Oscar September 17, 2014

We’re big fans of Blank On Blank, a series by PBS Digital Studios through which they resurface old interviews of iconic figures and add animation to what would otherwise only be audio bits of interesting information. The interview includes a bit of the game “telephone,” with interviewer John Pidgeon giving his questions to then 13-year old Janet Jackson who then relayed them over to big brother Michael. MJ talked about the influence of the peacock on their approach to putting on a show, perfectionism, and how his working relationship with Quincy Jones came about.

Choice quote from this: “My singing… i’ll just say it simple as possible: it’s just godly.”

Hear the full conversation http://rocksbackpages.com


Video: Animated David Bowie Interview on ‘Blank On Blank’

posted by Oscar May 20, 2014

Here’s another good one from the Blank On Blank series… PBS Digital Studios took to task animating this interesting 1988 interview in which David Bowie opens up about working with the likes of Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, and his iconic “Ziggy Stardust” character, during which he talks about being the ultimate Rock star during that era and why the character couldn’t have genuinely lasted longer than it did.

At just over 5 minutes, this interview is definitely one of the better ones Blank On Blank has featured.


Video: Animated Jimi Hendrix Interview on ‘Blank on Blank’

posted by Oscar February 5, 2014

For the latest vintage interview revived by the folks at PBS Digital Studios, the latest edition of Blank on Blank focuses on what turned out the be the final interview of the legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Conducted on Sept. 11, 1970 in London by Keith Altham, the interview sees Jimi open up about the evolution of his “look” and his music, music getting too heavy, and wanting to bring about a sort of 3rd world where he would actually “belong.” See it, with animation from Patrick Smith, above.

Hear the full interview RocksBackPages.com