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JDott Trife X Blanco Caine – Eveythang

posted by Alex April 1, 2015


As JDott recovers in the hospital (See below for a message from him) he gives us a glimpse of what he has been working on. “Everythang” features Blanco Caine over a Nascent beat and we can expect to get Trife, his new album along with a movie called Trife Life as soon as he gets out of the hospital. Check out “Everythang” below.

On January 29th I was diagnosed with (FAP) Familial Abdominal Polyposis, which is a rare form of Colon cancer. I had surgery on February 3rd and they removed everything. Im still currently in the hospital for recovery, I’m doing well and recouping fast. I’m no stranger to adversity and this will not hold me back, if anything it makes me stronger than ever. I’m more determined and dedicated than I’ve ever been. I believe God let’s you go through certain rough obstacles in life to toughen you up and prepare you for what’s next. Your success is measured by your struggle. So you can expect more music and everything else from me, believe that like you believe in Jesus. I’ll never stop.

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JDott Trife featuring GZus Piece & Blanco Caine – Clockwork (Remix)

posted by Alex December 19, 2013


JDott Trife gives his standout track from FYF – The Plug project the remix treatment. He brings along GZus Piece and Blanco Caine to take care of the second and third verses for the “Clockwork (Remix)”. It definitely sounds like JDott picked the right people for the DJ O-Zone produced track. Take a listen below and vibe out to this. Continue Reading