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Recap: Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor Tour’ Chicago

posted by Oscar August 28, 2014

Those of you that have seen the Arcade Fire during their current Reflektor Tour are some of the lucky few to witness a band put on a show that cements their place among the top acts in the world today.

It’s hard not to sound like a fanboy when recapping/reviewing a performance by a band that you are a huge fan of, but when you see a talented band do what they do best and doing so at a show in support of one of their greatest albums to date, they deserve all the accolades headed their way.  Continue Reading

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Video: Arcade Fire – “Normal Person” Lollapalooza Argentina 2014 (Crashed by Julian Casablancas)

posted by Oscar April 1, 2014

Lollapalooza Argentina saw the Arcade Fire headline one its nights this year and at the Canadian band’s opening their set was briefly interrupted by someone walking onstage with a Win Butler bobble-head. When Butler himself noticed this figure he yelled out “What the fuck is this?” and it was revealed (1:40) that it was none other than The Strokes’ frontman, Julian Casablancas. Nice way to start a show.

The performance itself was pretty cool too, see it above.


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Video: Arcade Fire’s ‘Triple J’ Live Session in Australia

posted by Oscar January 30, 2014

Arcade Fire has been making the rounds across the world and during their stop through Australia, the band went on Triple J and performed some Reflektor tracks. Videos of “Normal Person” (above) and “My Body Is A Cage” (below) have surfaced online and you catch the whole show in the SoundCloud clip (also below), in which you’ll be able to hear “Joan of Arc.” Continue Reading

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Album Review: Arcade Fire – ‘Reflektor’

posted by Oscar November 2, 2013

Arcade Fire- Reflektor-album-art

Let me start out by saying that this is one of the best albums of the year. Simple as that.

All the hype surrounding Reflektor prior to its release focused on it being an album chock-full of “danceable” tracks that would make Arcade Fire better suited for a club filled with disco balls and mini skirts rather than denim-clad, band T-shirt-wearing fans. It’s not. Instead, it’s a collection of artful tracks that take elements from genres like Disco, Caribbean music and even Hip Hop to help make the double LP a new “classic.” Continue Reading