Arcade Fire Live Cover Reflektor Tour

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Video: Arcade Fire – “Waiting Room” Live (Fugazi Cover)

posted by Oscar August 18, 2014

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour will forever be remembered for the band’s inclusion of geographically-relevant live tributes wherever they play and the latest took place in Washington DC where they played another local favorite. The Canadian group took on Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” and even brought out the Barack Obama bobble head to join them onstage for the performance. Talk about “DC”!

Check it out above.


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Video: Arcade Fire – “Motownphilly” (Boyz II Men Cover) live in Philadelphia

posted by Oscar March 18, 2014

During the Philadelphia, PA stop of the Arcade Fire’s Reflektor Tour, the Montreal band played a live cover of Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly.” AF are showing they have a knack of doing live covers specially catered to the cities they’re playing in and this cover sure does justice to the early-90’s R&B Philly sensations.

See that performance above.