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Speakeasy with Alison Brie

posted by Oscar April 15, 2013

Remember how I said earlier that we love Alison Brie? Well here’s more reasons to continue doing so… The Mad Men and Community star sat down with Paul F. Tompkins to talk about playing those two very different characters in each of the shows, whether she relates Trudy or Annie the most, how she was still pretty cool in h.s. despite playing Dungeons and Dragons, being a fan of watching her own work, and her short run at acting in Soap Operas. See the full interview above.

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Alison Brie Photo Shoot for Esquire

posted by Oscar April 15, 2013

Remember how we’ve said we’re big fans of Community? Well, besides it being a real work of comedic genius, one of the best things about the show is without a doubt Alison Brie. While we have posted about a previous photo shoot of hers, Esquire certainly took it up a notch and gave the world this set of pictures.

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Alison Brie Interviewed for Nylon Guys

posted by Oscar November 28, 2012

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If there’s anything that’s an absolute certainty, is that it’s easy to love Alison Brie. Donald Glover has a bit about what is guys’ perception of Brie in his standup and it’s easy to see how he came up with it. The star of Community and Mad Men was recently interviewed by Nylon Guys in which we can see her answer some questions and we get a glimpse of images from her photo shoot. Towards the end of the interview Brie confesses that she’s more well-versed in dancing the old-timey move called “The Charleston” than doing “The Dougie.” Needless to say, it’s awesome.