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NFL Helmets Reimagined by Artists in Mexico

posted by Oscar November 21, 2016


Mexico City is hosting the NFL tonight with the first Monday Night Football match played outside of the US. To set the mood for the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans’ bout at the iconic Azteca Stadium, local artists reimagined the helmets for each team in the league.

As with any piece of art, appreciating it really depends on the individual, but there were definitely some redesigned NFL team helmets that looked doper than others. My favorite? It was hard to choose between the Philadelphia Eagles (above), the Detroit Lions, and the Dallas Cowboys. One thing that was a little bit easier to assess was that, much like their performance on the field this season, the Chicago Bears is pretty much the worst. The rest of the helmets are pretty dope overall.

Check out the rest of the Mexican artists’ NFL team helmets below. Continue Reading


Green Bay Packers Unveil New “Old School” Alternate Uniform, by Nike

posted by Oscar July 29, 2015


Storied NFL team the Green Bay Packers have revealed their Nike-designed alternate uniform for the upcoming 2015-16 season. The “new” design replicates the team’s 1937 look, which GB hasn’t sported since 1994.

This uniform of a navy blue and gold jersey with faded gold pants and navy socks. This color scheme is paired with the gold yoke across the shoulders, the distinctive feature of their uniforms from 1937-49.

The fan jerseys will be available for purchase on and in select retailers beginning today.

We’re die-hard Chicago Bears fans so eff the Packers (generally speaking), but props on the look of the uniform. See more pictures below. Continue Reading


Odell Beckham Jr. Covers ‘Madden NFL 16’

posted by Oscar May 13, 2015

Odell Beckham Jr. - Madden NFL 16

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been announced as the latest star athlete to land the cover of a Madden franchise. The Madden NFL 16 was being contested by Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski and eventual winner OBJ in a fan vote; Beckham Jr. is the youngest cover athlete in the game’s history.

Check out the cover above, and for you Giants fans, let’s just hope the curse doesn’t get a hold of your boy.

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Video: See Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show feat. Missy Elliott & Lenny Kravitz

posted by Oscar February 1, 2015

Katy Perry was the artist selected to put on the iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show, leaving Pop’s favorite “California Girl” to bring out the best of what she’s got. While Perry herself did a pretty decent job on her end, it was Missy Elliot that stole the show with her performance of her hits “Get Ur Freak On,” “Work It,” and “Lose Control.” Lenny Kravitz was around for half a sec too.

Check out the performance above.


Video: ‘Madden 15’ Official Trailer

posted by Oscar April 28, 2014

We’re just a few months off from the last time we saw a competitive football game played but we can already start gearing up for the upcoming season thanks to EA Sports’ release of the first official trailer for Madden 15. We don’t really get a first look at the gameplay or other vital upgrades from the last edition, we do, however, get a teaser of what’s to come with the help of Carolina Panthers defensive player of the year, Luke Kuechly, and his Madden transformation.

See the full transformation of Madden NFL 15 and Luke Kuechly this June. Learn more at the EA Sports website.

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Video: Chuck Inglish’s New Era Commercial – ‘Speak With Your Cap’

posted by Oscar September 9, 2013

New Era has brought on Chuck Inglish to help score their Speak With Your Cap campaign; debuting today for MNF. The campaign revolves around the caps being the center piece that voices what you believe in. The clip shows NFL heavyweights Hakeem Nicks, Lance Briggs, Stevie Johnson, Marcell Dareus, and Eric Decker show us how they speak with their caps. See the video above.



Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens vs. 49ers Predictions

posted by Raulito February 1, 2013


The Baltimore Ravens will be playing the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday. It will be known as the battle of the two Harbaughs. Both teams are coming off road victories. The Ravens traveled to New England and upset the favored Patriots 28-13. The Ravens defense dominated the second half of the game from start to end. The San Francisco 49ers are also coming off a road victory. They had a 28-24 comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons. Colin Kaepernick did not put up the impressive numbers he did against the Packers. He did enough to win the game, avoided turnovers and lead his team to important scores when they needed him most. Continue Reading


Nike+ Fuel Band: Hitting 6,000 Fuel Points with Ndamukong Suh

posted by Alex October 30, 2012

I was put on to Nike’s Fuel Band by the homie over at Modern Notoriety (I totally recommend the site if you are all about that sneaker life) who totally recommended it. Ever since I bought it, I haven’t stopped recommending the Nike+ Fuel Band. My Fuel Points goal per day is 3,000, Ndamukong makes 6,000 Fuel Points seem like nothing in this short video.


Tim Tebow Tops SI’s Most Overrated Player Poll

posted by Raulito October 25, 2012

Sports Illustrated just realized the results to a poll that they took that involved 180 NFL players. The poll asked the NFL players  to name the most overrated player in the league. The winner of the poll was New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. He received 34 percent of the votes. This is the second year in a row that Tim Tebow wins the most overrated player award.

No one else in the survey received anything higher than 10 percent. Tim Tebow’s team mate Mark Sanchez came in second place with 8 percent of the votes. The next people on the list were Tony Romo with 8 percent as well , Michael Vick with 4 percent and Ray Lewis with 3 percent.