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POD Exclusive: Black Pistol Fire Talk To Us About Their New Album, Chicago Music at Riot Fest 2017

posted by Oscar September 26, 2017

Riot Fest 2017 left us with some great memories thanks to performances from acts like Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Vic Mensa, and Black Pistol Fire. That last band, the Austin-based Canadian duo, actually met with us for an exclusive interview after they played Day 2 of the festival.

During our chat we discussed their new album Deadbeat Graffiti and its potential comparisons to Sgt. Peppers, their approach to playing Riot Fest, and Chicago music. Also look out for guitarist and lead vocalist Kevin’s example of an album that was pretty “meh” but that had some decent tunes.

Check it out above.

POD ExclusivePOD Interviews

POD Exclusive: See our Interview with Kevin Coval

posted by Oscar September 7, 2017

One of the most influential cultural figures in Chicago, Kevin Coval is the subject of the latest Pursuit Of Dopeness interview.

The poet, educator, and organizer sat with POD’s Rosario Edwards to discuss a number of topics relevant to his 2017 book A People’s History of Chicago including his history with poetry, influencing Chance The Rapper, and more.

See that above.

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POD Exclusive: Check Out Our Interview with Har Mar Superstar

posted by Oscar August 30, 2017

Hey yo! We got another exclusive Pursuit Of Dopeness interview for you guys, this time with the one-of-a-kind singer Har Mar Superstar. Coming days after the release of his latest EP, Personal Boy, Har Mar Superstar hopped on a call with me to discuss that project, wishing he could retroactively make onto the Titanic soundtrack, his cool new merch, and more.

Check it out below. Continue Reading

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with Rainsford

posted by Oscar June 11, 2017

Today we’re sharing another one of our interviews, one of the last ones, conducted in Austin. The young artist opened up about some of the goals she’s looking to achieve in her musical career, the kind of things she’d do if she could extend her youth, and what it’s like finally making music for which she actually feels passion.

Check it out above.

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with KAMI

posted by Oscar May 28, 2017

Take a look at our interview with SaveMoney’s own KAMI, held down at SXSW 2017. The artist formerly known as Kami De Chukwu talked about the name, adopting the New Wave sound, and his production partnership with Knox Fortune.

In our “Speed Round” he let us know about the first album he bought, his favorite music video of all time, and his latest favorite food spot in Chicago makes him look like a basic thot. Peep that below. Continue Reading

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See The Aces Talk About Being More Than A Girl Band, Ruling the World in Our Exclusive Interview

posted by Oscar May 22, 2017

Utah band The Aces gave us some of their time while we were all down in Austin and we had a nice little chat. Sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson, and McKenna Petty talked to us about coming up in their local scene, how their influences helped them pave their own way, and how they’re letting their music do the talking for them. See that above.

Below you’ll find them participation in our “Speed Round,” in which we find out the first album they each bought, their favorite music video, and more. Continue Reading

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Video: Check Out Our Exclusive Interview with Marian Hill

posted by Oscar May 16, 2017

Another one!… The latest POD interview we’d like to share with y’all was one of the 10 we held down in Austin, TX, this time being the Alternative Pop group Marian Hill.

Our conversation took us many places, including discussing the making of their video for “Down,” the added value in having their music featured on an Apple commercial, their appreciation and use of Jazz, and why they’ve partnered with the Plus 1 for their latest tour.

For the “Speed Round” they answered our signature questions like first album they ever purchased, fave music video, and the ATX-specific pulled pork vs. brisket debate. My favorites were their take on “old Kanye vs. new Kanye” and Samantha’s response to my cheeky question that references their “One Time.” See that short clip below. Continue Reading

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Read Our Exclusive Interview w/ Saint Mesa & Stream “Beads”

posted by Alberto May 5, 2017

Saint Mesa is one of Interscope’s most promising new acts and earlier today, the self-taught musician released his first single since dropping his Jungle EP late last year. The EP’s title track got plenty of praise and landed some licensing synchs with various brands. Saint Mesa hopes to build on that success with the release of “Beads.” We had the pleasure of talking to Saint Mesa about his new vibes, upcoming tour dates and much more. Check out our interview and stream “Beads” below.  Continue Reading

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with Joey Purp

posted by Oscar May 4, 2017

Joey Purp was easily one of our favorite artists to interview down at SXSW 2017. The man took his own approach when speaking to Pursuit Of Dopeness on iiiDropsforthcoming EP Quarter Thing (which he previewed at the festival)and his love for Sean Paul and Lupe Fiasco. You can see the mega entertaining interview above.

Purp also participated in our “Speed Round,” answering questions like what was the first album he ever bought, his favorite music video of all time, and which SaveMoney member needs to be around in case shit goes down. See that below. Continue Reading

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Fat Tiger Workshop via Des Money

posted by Allie Rowe May 1, 2017

I sat down and talked with the manager of Fat Tiger a local clothing shop in Chicago that is known for its original styles and streetwear. Here’s what he had to say about Fat Tiger and much more in the fashion industry.

So tell me your name:

Des: Alright my name is Des, some people call me Des Money.

How’d you get the name Des Money? 

Des: Uhhhh shit um, So I mean it started way when I was younger, my mom used to really go all out and dress me up and shit like that. Three piece suits or whatever. So when we would go out to family functions and my aunties and uncles used to just give me money. It was just a thing. My nickname was always like money man cuz I always had dollars on me. Continue Reading

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Video: Peep Our Exclusive Interview with Kap G

posted by Oscar April 22, 2017

The latest POD interview conducted in the dope city of Austin, TX  is with none other than Kap G. The ATL star known for his appearance on DOPE and who’s currently touring with Chris Brown, sat down with us to talk about the inspiration behind his track “La Policia,” touring in Mexico City for the first time, his new album and more. You can see that above.

For the Speed Round, Kap G revealed what was the first album he ever bought, his favorite music video of all time, artists he’s listening to lately, and more. Check that out below. Continue Reading

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with Kweku Collins and BoatHouse

posted by Oscar April 17, 2017

Today we’re able to share with you another one of the interviews we conducted down in Austin, TX during SXSW 2017: fast-rising rapper Kweku Collins and producer/DJ BoatHouse. The pair, both reps of Closed Sessions, sat down with us an exclusive interview to discuss their label’s influence, touring Europe, new music, and performing at the ATX mega festival. See that above.

Hit the jump to see the speed round, where the Closed Sessions members reveal the first album they ever bought, favorite music video of all time, and who they would pick from the label to back them up in a bar fight. Continue Reading