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Sheila Rashid: Chicago’s Streetwear Guru

posted by Allie Rowe February 27, 2017

Her space was littered with hard work, fabrics set out on the kitchen counter all cut into different shapes and sizes, scissors sat looking lonely for their owner’s fingers. After a year of back-and-forth reaching out to the young Chicago designer, we were finally able to find a time the two of us could meet up and talk about her work.


As simple as the concept may seem, Sheila Rashid has reinvented the way overalls will be worn in fashion for many years to come. Her work is direct and purposeful, each stitch being sewn with great thought placed behind it.

Fresh in from a Vogue panel in New York, Shelia sat down to talk about how she started her career in fashion and the direction her overalls have taken since then. Continue Reading

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POD Exclusive Interview: Demo Taped

posted by Alberto October 25, 2016


The Atlanta music scene has been buzzing for years now and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. Not to0 long ago, we were introduced to another new artist coming from the city. He goes by the name of Demo Taped and is only 18 years old. I was very impressed by his music and wanted to find out more about the artist. Read our exclusive interview below.  Continue Reading

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POD Exclusive Interview: The Shelters

posted by Oscar August 31, 2016

The Shelters

For our latest interview we hopped on the phone with guitarist and vocalist for The Shelters, Chase Simpson. During our talk we uncovered some things about the rising band and their self-titled debut LP, including what it was like having Tom Petty co-produce the record, how they developed their dope vintage LA sound, and what fans can expect at their live shows.

We also conducted a speed round with Chase to get an insider look at his personal tastes, in which we learned which was the first record he bought, his favorite songs to play live, and more.

The Shelters LP is available now on iTunes. Check out our exclusive interview below. Continue Reading

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Tavis serves us a “Slice” of Sacramento -INTERVIEW &+ MUSIC VIDEO-

posted by JuicyJackie August 9, 2016

FullSizeRender 4

Pursuit of Dopeness loves to shoutout overlooked artists & let them know that they matter! We recently ran into a really dope act out of Sacramento- Tavis Landry. We posted his motivational track “Slice.” We were instantly fans of the west coast rapper & looked forward to keeping up with him & his projects. Tavis dropped his video for the single “Slice” & also spoke with us about his life and his music.  Check out the interview & video below! Continue Reading

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posted by JuicyJackie July 20, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 4.51.10 PM

Chicago is full of DOPE creatives. It’s amazing to get to know them & their journey. We got to talk to a POD homie about his work in music!

What’s up DJ Scend! Thanks for talking to POD today! What’s good?! Tell us about you & what you do!

Yoooo thanks for talking with me today! So my name is Stephan but most know me as Scend (pronounced “send”). I love music in many ways for many reasons haha I’m currently a DJ for a couple spots here in Chicago. I’m an Instructor at Scratch DJ Academy. I have a radio show called The Hip Hop Project run by myself and a few close people of mine. And most recently became co-owner of a company called DJs Are Not Jukeboxes Continue Reading

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POD Exclusive Interview: Omen at SXSW 2016

posted by Oscar March 30, 2016

Here’s another one of the interviews we conducted down at SXSW this year. This time around it’s another Dreamville member and Chicago rapper, Omen.

In our talk we discussed his current projects, touring in support of Elephant Eyes, the evolution of SXSW, and the importance that a fest like this one has on the careers of up and coming artists.

Peep our interview above.

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POD Exclusive Interview: Cozz at SXSW

posted by Oscar March 24, 2016

For our last weekend in Austin, right before we ended our run at SXSW, we met up with Dreamville’s own Cozz and chatted with him for a short interview.

After already having seen him do a short appearance at a Biz3 show at The Belmont, Cozz talked to us about his latest project, how he hits the studio, he reveals who he was interested in checking out at the fest, and we discuss the dynamic of being on the Dreamville roster.

Check out the interview above.

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Recap: Highly Suspect Live at the Double Door + Exclusive Interview

posted by Oscar March 4, 2016

Highly Suspect_POD

Last Friday night we had the unique chance to not only witness, but also interview the Grammy-nominated band Highly Suspect at Chicago staple venue the Double Door.

The Brooklyn-based group composed of Johnny Stevens and twin brothers Ryan and Richard Meyer hit our city as part of their headlining tour and they sold out their show at the Wicker Park venue. Fresh off an appearance at the Grammys, Highly Suspect hit the stage with an energy that absolutely lit up the place and they played every hard song with such fury and intensity that you could feel why fans were compelled to hop around, hoot, and throw their fists in the air. The slower tunes were performed with as much conviction as the foot-stompers, but these hit you in just the right spot.

There were many highlights there throughout the night, many of which were spearheaded by the antics of lead singer Johnny Stevens. I must also point out how much it really helps when a band has such a diverse catalog to pull from, and Highly Suspect’s pool has a little of everything to satisfy all kinds of fans, from the headbangers, to the dancers, to the drinkers and everything in between. Some of the best performances of the night came during songs like the crunchy “Fuck Me Up,” the emotive roller-coaster that is 70’s Rock anthem stylings of “Serotonia,” and of course the hit song everyone sang along to, “Lydia” (below). My favorite moment of the night came as the show was coming to a close, and the group played a song that I still can’t figure out what its name could be. The lyrics featured the lyric “down in Georgia,” with a structure that loosely reminded me of Delta Blues. During that song the band really showed what they’re made of, playing with guitar pedals and tripping us out with the effects, manipulating the feedback like a snake charmer. At one point Johnny and Rich switched guitars-bass, mid song, allowing Rich to show off his flair on the 6-string, like how MJ would dish it to Scottie, and he would show you he’s a killer too. Spectacular stuff

We also got to interview Ryan and Rich before the show, and in our conversation we talked about the band’s early days, where they go now after being nominated for a Grammy, and what covers they would like to play in the future. Check that out, along with pictures taken by Rosario Edwards for Pursuit Of Dopeness, below. Continue Reading

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POD Exclusive Interview: Turn To Crime

posted by Oscar September 24, 2015

Turn To Crime

Very early on this year I was pitched a song by Detroit group Turn To Crime and in just seconds I was sold on this Motor City outfit’s sound. The minimalist approach to production, the DIY mentality, the perfectly executed use of repetition, and the beautifully Pop-y hooks were more than enough to make us fans.

The group will be coming to Chicago to play a FREE show at The Empty Bottle on October 5th so we got band leader Derek Stanton on the phone to talk to us about all sorts of topics surrounding the band’s sound and their approach to being a band in today’s environment for music consumption. So hit the jump and read what we learned about this awesome band. Continue Reading

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Recap: Chicago Nightlife Awards 2015

posted by Oscar June 3, 2015

The 2nd Chicago Nightlife Awards were held last night at the Concord Music Hall and we were part of the lucky few who were present for it all. A great part of the evening focused on what brought us there, the actual awards, but the event also included performances by POD regulars Hurt Everybody and Mic Terror.

On the red carpet we got to see a number of local celebrities and some of the most important industry leaders, and while we were there we caught up with Treated Crew members Holt and Mic Terror. Our girl JuicyJackie interviewed both of them and delivered us some insights on what they’re working on and what we can expect from both holders of the crown. Check out those interviews and some pictures of the awards show after the jump. Continue Reading

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POD Exclusive Interview – ShowYouSuck

posted by Oscar December 12, 2014


We recently sat down with long-time POD favorite ShowYouSuck to finally get an interview that was long overdue. Show is coming off a highlight-filled 2014 that saw him tour Europe and play the massive, critically-acclaimed festival Riot Fest.

To cap off the big year, Show will be having his homecoming show tomorrow night 12/13/14 at Sub T. As you prepare for that free pizza party, read our interview with the raddest DudeBro we know, below. Continue Reading