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Caleb James – “Yellow Light”

posted by Oscar August 21, 2017

Caleb James returns with new track “Yellow Light,” an ode to chilling and partying in Chicago under the lights of our signature hue.

The song is a funky jam produced by his dad Steve “Stone” Huff, giving you this dope early 90s Hip Hop vibe. Check it out below and make sure to add this to the soundtrack for your next fefe. Continue Reading

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Kaytranada Remixes Gorillaz’s “Strobelite”

posted by Oscar August 19, 2017

Kaytranada has unleashed his remix of “Strobelite,” by Gorillaz and featuring Peven Everett. This new cut of the Humanz song brings down the pace and vibrancy, taking a more chill and spaced-out route that will make you feel like you’re floating. Definitely a dope reimagining from the Canadian producer.

Hear it below. Continue Reading

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Listen to The Trials and Tribulations of Living in a “World Of Dreams” by Ridgio

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 18, 2017

Local rapper Ridgio just dropped a new project, and it’s sure to be one of the most pleasantly soulful things you’ll here all week. World Of Dreams is a smooth product, with each track seamlessly transitioning into the next. Ridgio bears his soul and makes himself vulnerable on almost every song, which is a refreshing change of pace in an era where much of the most popular rap music tends to be more braggadocious.

Much of the project focuses on the theme of what it means to chase after your ambitions while also staying true to yourself, which can be a tremendous struggle.  Stand out track “Best Of Me” captures this theme perfectly in the hook, which includes the lines, “I know the world can get the best of me/Why these n—s testin’ me?” It’s a wonderfully simple track with one verse sandwiched between two hooks, and it gives the listener ample time to reflect on their own trials and tribulations of getting where they want to be.

The production for much of the project follows a traditional boom-bap and soulful style which compliments perfectly with Ridgio’s raps, which are exceptional. Ridgio acknowledges early on in Passion & Dreams, that he’s just like any other person trying to figure it out their place in the world, mistakes and all, especially on “I Ain’t Perfect,” which is him truly exposing his struggles (“I’m trying to live forever but my time short/The devil keep trying talk to me, ain’t got time for it”). However, as World Of Dreams progresses, each track noticeably gets more and more upbeat and the closing track, “I’m Just A Man,” is the perfect culmination of it all.

“I’m Just a Man” comes off as him accepting that fact with genuine bliss, with lines (“I fell in love in the challenges?And Climbed right on top of them” and “I know I’m just a man/and I’m just chilling with my friends trying to figure out a plan. Coupled along with a beautiful soul sample and the accompanying music video, it’s almost impossible to not smile while listening to the most feel-good track of a feel-good project.

Make sure to support upcoming local talent and listen to World Of Dreams below:

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Joseph Chilliams feat. Noname and Supa Bwe – “Kale”

posted by Oscar August 17, 2017

Joseph Chilliams has combined forces with fellow Chi dope stars Noname and Supa Bwe on new track “Kale,” his latest cut from forthcoming project Henry Church.

Chilliams sets the tone with a hook and bars, while his guest stars help him complete the dope song. Noname drops wisdom on her verse and Supa (Supaaaaa!) impacts the beat with full force when it’s his turn on the mic.

Hear “Kale” below. Continue Reading

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Listen to Episode 34 of 93 ‘Til: WE BACK.

posted by Tali August 10, 2017

Tune in to the latest episode of 93′ Til!


(0:49) Chicago Spotlight featuring songs:

[In Order] by Calez, Loren, Hurley Mower, Sammy L’s x Luke Almighty, Yung Dutch, Lucki, Knox Fortune, Roo Money, Elton Aura, IsaiahG x Newworld Kayo x Aaron Deux, Monster Mike, JR Donato.

(11:38) DM of The Week. 

The guys debut the first segment of “DM of The Week,” where they choose an artist’s music from their DM’s and reflect on their craft. This week’s choice at random was the Portland Rapper, Young Lit Hippy,  and his quick-tongued flow. You can check out the young hippy and these trippy visuals below!

(14:20) Luis, Miguel & Tali talk about all the latest albums that dropped!

The guys and I talk about the bit about the recent albums that dropped:

(14:39) .22 Summers – Mulatto Beats

(16:50) Autobiography – Vic Mensa

(23:58) Perfect Timing – Nav & Metro Boomin

(26:33) Wins and Losses – Meek Mill

(30:53) One Night Only – Cousin Stizz

(33:58) SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY – Tyler the Creator

(38:11) “Catch Me Outside” – Ski Mask The Slump God 


And be sure to listen to all the tracks highlighted in this week’s episode below!

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Queens Of The Stone Age Unleash New Single “The Evil Has Landed”

posted by Oscar August 10, 2017

Queens Of The Stone Age have shared their newest single, “The Evil Has Landed.” The track is the latest cut from forthcoming album Villains, which was produced by Mark Ronson and co-produced by Mark Rankin and mixed by Alan Moulder.

“The Evil Has Landed” is a builder, starting off with this fantastically-distorted riff that brings to mind that “good ol’, American Rock & Roll” kind of swagger, which finally gives way to this killer, pacey finale that packs a Punk-tinged punch. This seriously kicks so much ass!

The song was unleashed with a premiere this morning as Zane Lowe’s World Record on Lowe’s Beats 1 show. Hear “The Evil Has Landed” below. Continue Reading

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Listen to Isaiah G and Nuworld Kayo Bring The Vibes on “1 Train”

posted by Alejandro Hernandez August 8, 2017

Isaiah G has steadily been dropping hit after hit in 2017, and yesterday he dropped one of his best efforts yet with “1 Train.” The track, produced masterfully by Aaron Deux, features Nuworld Kayo and the two exchange incredible verses.

With a smooth boom-bap production and wonderfully witty bars, the track sounds like a perfect 90s-era transplant. It’s a refreshing song as we near the end of summer and enter the fall season. If you haven’t jumped on the Isaiah G fan train yet, listen to the track below and hop on board.

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