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See Vic Mensa Talk New Jay Z Album, Call Out DJ Akademiks on ‘Everyday Struggle’

posted by Oscar June 19, 2017

Vic Mensa was the featured guest on today’s episode of Everyday Struggle to discuss his latest release, The Manuscript, and share some details on his forthcoming debut full LP (due out this summer), while also going into topics concerning the Hip Hop landscape including Jay Z’s new project, the latest XXL Freshmen class, the 2Pac biopic, and more.

One of the biggest moments in this interview came when Vic confronted Akademiks over the latter’s approach to covering Chicago’s Hip Hop music scene, and all that it reflects and influences. The heated discussion saw Vic call him out for making light of the serious situation affecting the city, dismissing Drill music and joking on the lives lost due to violence.

Check it out above.


Video: Vic Mensa Breaks Down The Lyrics and Meaning of “OMG”

posted by Oscar June 13, 2017

Vic Mensa shared his new “capsule” The Manuscript dropped last week and one of the tracks that have gotten the most attention is the undeniable “OMG.” The song, featuring Pusha T laying down a verse and Pharrell lending his talent on both the chorus and the song’s production, is the subject of the latest episode of Genius’ Verified, the series through artists break down and detail their tunes.

“I was a skateboarder as a kid before I was ever into hip-hop,” Mensa tells Genius. “Pharrell really opened up the doors for me to feel like that was cool, because on the Southside of Chicago there’s not a lot of skateboarders. Before people saw Pharrell skating and people saw Lupe skating, you didn’t have hip-hop, black examples of skateboarders. Fast forward however many years and now I’m jumping out of the Bentley with the dirty Vans.”

Check out Vic talking about “OMG” above.


Meet Elliot Montanez: One Of The Hardest Working Bloggers In Chicago

posted by Miguelini June 10, 2017
Our friend, Ahad Kamran, recently got a chance to chat with Elliot Montanez, one of Chicago music scene’s hardest working individuals that you may not know by name but I assure you have definitely seen his work in action. From working a full-time job, to running the entire writing department of Lyrical Lemonade, to managing rising Hip-Hop artists such as Femdot and IsaiahG, Elliot really does it all. You can read more about his introduction to music, the journey to get to where he is today, and more by checking out the Q&A below!

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Listen to Episode 27 Of 93′ Til: T-Pain Appreciation Week & an Interview w/Luke Almighty

posted by Miguelini May 24, 2017

This week Miguel and Luis discuss:

00:00-08:50 – Chicago Spotlight: We Talk about new songs by Rockie Fresh, Monster Mike, Ran$ah, & Oddcouple. We also review Memorial day weekend events by Phero, Femdot, Smokepurpp & Navarro.

08:30 – Vince Staples new single

09:18 XXXtentacion new songs and official project

12:13 Travis Scott’s New Songs

14:59 Matt Ox taking the rap world by storm

16:55 Thoughts on Filthy x Lil Yachty collab

17:50 T-wayne Mixtape Review

24:03 Buddy x Kaytranada EP Review

25:35 Producers have always been a staple part of rap music and it is important to recognize the ones who are putting in work and allowing rap artists to make some of the best songs in their career. This week I had the opportunity to interview up and coming producer Luke Almighty who has been making hits for tons of local artists including Supa Bwe, Roo$ki, Monster Mike, Freako, and Adot. We talked about Luke’s background, his creative process, some of his influences and favorite artists, as well as how he feels producers are valued in this day and age of music. You can read some excerpts from the interview below!

Name: Luke Almighty

Hometown: Aurora,Illinois

Genre Influences on Production: Soul, Oldies, Rock

Artist Influences: Nirvana, The Doors, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye

What inspires your creative process? “I personally have ADHD so I feel like I deal with this on a daily basis. Listening to all types of music, especially artists like Lucki who are young and doing it. That inspires me other people on the same level as me doing it, it keeps me going.”

Local Collabs you would love to be apart of in the future: Lucki, BigbodyFiji, Qari and Mulatto, Plu20 Nash, Ran$ah, Femdot

Dream Collabs? Chance, Kanye, Migos, Frank Ocean, Smino, Wifisfuneral

Future goals/ambitions: “Have my own label, have my own studio in Chicago, build on that. Not so much a label where I take a percentage of the artists money, more so a collective of artists. I just feel like a team is so powerful in music. Moving to the city would definitely be helpful. I would love to eventually branch out to LA and New York, I don’t want to stay in one place, I don’t want to stay stagnant. I want to be everywhere and always be improving. Always seeking out new talent, staying true and passionate to music. That’s always been my first passion before producing, music. (Essentially) to really make history, make shit that lasts and to never be forgotten.”

How do you feel that producers are treated in this day and age of music? “There’s always room for improvement. Definitely an improvement from the past, back when I became a Hip-Hop head in 4th and 5th grade I personally never knew who the producer was unless they really had a loud tag which was pretty rare back then.  Now producers are more appreciated because you do get that credit. Financially and monetarily they still aren’t respected as much. It goes both ways, I think it’s important to show love, whether it be financially or just show love and support each other. I just think it needs to be mutual… if you don’t appreciate the beat or producer do you really appreciate your own music? It’s all about having integrity in what you do.”

Upcoming music? “I don’t want to speak too much on the big stuff but there is always new music coming. New music coming with Supa, lotta new shit with Freako, Adot, and Roo$ki, got some shit with Nina Tech, me and Monster Mike got some new stuff too. Me and DuffleBagBuru are going to have a song coming out really soon.”

Be sure to stay on the look out for more from Luke Almighty, his name will be popping out a lot more often so get in tune now. You can listen to the full interview below!


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Video: Check Out Our Exclusive Interview with Marian Hill

posted by Oscar May 16, 2017

Another one!… The latest POD interview we’d like to share with y’all was one of the 10 we held down in Austin, TX, this time being the Alternative Pop group Marian Hill.

Our conversation took us many places, including discussing the making of their video for “Down,” the added value in having their music featured on an Apple commercial, their appreciation and use of Jazz, and why they’ve partnered with the Plus 1 for their latest tour.

For the “Speed Round” they answered our signature questions like first album they ever purchased, fave music video, and the ATX-specific pulled pork vs. brisket debate. My favorites were their take on “old Kanye vs. new Kanye” and Samantha’s response to my cheeky question that references their “One Time.” See that short clip below. Continue Reading

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See Gorillaz Perform “We Got The Power” w/ Jehnny Beth and Noel Gallagher on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

posted by Oscar May 6, 2017

Gorillaz are in full promo nowadays after the release of their magnificent comeback album, which ended a 7-year hiatus, Humanz. For that promo tour, Damon Albarn and his band headed over to The Graham Norton Show to perform their track “We Got The Power,” accompanied by Jehnny Beth and one-time rival Noel Gallagher (Oasis).

After playing the track, Albarn and Beth walked over to the couch to take part in a short interview in which they discussed the upcoming Humanz Tour and some fancy (gorgeous) bell.

Check out both the performance and interview in the video above.

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with Joey Purp

posted by Oscar May 4, 2017

Joey Purp was easily one of our favorite artists to interview down at SXSW 2017. The man took his own approach when speaking to Pursuit Of Dopeness on iiiDropsforthcoming EP Quarter Thing (which he previewed at the festival)and his love for Sean Paul and Lupe Fiasco. You can see the mega entertaining interview above.

Purp also participated in our “Speed Round,” answering questions like what was the first album he ever bought, his favorite music video of all time, and which SaveMoney member needs to be around in case shit goes down. See that below. Continue Reading

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Video: Peep Our Exclusive Interview with Kap G

posted by Oscar April 22, 2017

The latest POD interview conducted in the dope city of Austin, TX  is with none other than Kap G. The ATL star known for his appearance on DOPE and who’s currently touring with Chris Brown, sat down with us to talk about the inspiration behind his track “La Policia,” touring in Mexico City for the first time, his new album and more. You can see that above.

For the Speed Round, Kap G revealed what was the first album he ever bought, his favorite music video of all time, artists he’s listening to lately, and more. Check that out below. Continue Reading


Video: See Zane Lowe’s Extensive Interview with Kendrick Lamar

posted by Oscar April 21, 2017

The Gawd of music broadcasting Zane Lowe sat down with Hip Hop gawd Kendrick Lamar for 45-minute plus interview. K. Dot opened about the influence of the pillars of his Hip Hop fandom (Tupac, Jay Z, Eminem) on his writing, the impact of Tupac on both his own career as well as the entire spectrum of Hip Hop, and plenty of analysis and insight about his brilliant new album, DAMN.

Kendrick’s response to Lowe saying “it’s obviously important to you that no word is wasted,” along with his defense for calling himself the greatest rapper alive are two of the many highlights here. Check it all out above via Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show.


Video: See Gorillaz Do A Live Interview for the First Time Ever

posted by Oscar April 20, 2017

Gorillaz are making a full-on comeback this year with not only a new album for the first time in seven years, but they will also be hitting the road together in support of that release for their 17-date North American Humanz Tour.

To help promote the tour and the forthcoming release of their new album, band members Murdoc Niccals and 2D gave their first-ever live interview. The pair appeared on camera MistaJam from BBC Radio 1 to answer fan-submitted questions. Check it out above.

Gorillaz’s new album Humanz is due out April 28.

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Video: See Our Exclusive Interview with Kweku Collins and BoatHouse

posted by Oscar April 17, 2017

Today we’re able to share with you another one of the interviews we conducted down in Austin, TX during SXSW 2017: fast-rising rapper Kweku Collins and producer/DJ BoatHouse. The pair, both reps of Closed Sessions, sat down with us an exclusive interview to discuss their label’s influence, touring Europe, new music, and performing at the ATX mega festival. See that above.

Hit the jump to see the speed round, where the Closed Sessions members reveal the first album they ever bought, favorite music video of all time, and who they would pick from the label to back them up in a bar fight. Continue Reading


Video: Nardwuar vs. Zane Lowe

posted by Alberto March 22, 2017

Nardwuar was very down in Austin for SXSW and we were lucky enough to catch his keynote on our last day there. Throughout the week, The Human Serviette managed to snag a handful of interviews including Apple Music’s very own, Zane Lowe. The two talk for over ten minutes about all things Zane like his early music career, Apple secrets, some of his favorite music and much more.

Check out the very informative interview with Zane above.