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Album Review: Our 5 Favorite Songs On Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man Of The Woods’

posted by Alberto February 7, 2018

Justin Timberlake followed up his 2013 album, The 20/20 Experience, with a brand new album that is almost entirely produced by The Neptunes. Rob Knox and Timbaland produced 6 of the songs, while The Neptunes and JT handled the rest. This is by far JT’s most personal, and most experimental album. The title was inspired by the meaning behind Silas, his Grandfather and son’s name, so it made sense he choose Man Of The Woods as he attempts to put his Southern roots on display like never before. Timberlake’s ability to make bops has not left, so choosing my five favorite songs was harder than I thought it would be. Continue Reading

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Album Review: Our Top 5 Songs on ‘Villains’ by Queens Of The Stone Age

posted by Oscar September 1, 2017

Queens Of The Stone Age have released their latest album, Villains, and once again they’ve proven they’re a force to be reckoned with. The 9 tracks on the band’s seventh studio release are all the proof you need that Rocky & Roll is alive and well, with leader Josh Homme and crew on the front lines making sure to keep it that way.

One of the most anticipated albums of the year for me, the record itself definitely doesn’t disappoint. Villains packs a lot of punch with brilliant guitar work and dark lyrical and production themes throughout. Working with Mark Ronson, one of the biggest producers of his generation, led to a collection of tracks that are all so damn kickass and flow seamlessly from one to the next, that if the band decided to use their upcoming headlining appearance at Riot Fest to play Villains all the way through, those of us in attendance would not see a problem with it.

Check out our Top 5 tracks from this album below. Continue Reading

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[ALBUM REVIEW] Top Five From Kendrick Lamar’s album, ‘DAMN’

posted by Tali April 15, 2017

As far as it goes, Kendrick Lamar’s unique and constant handwork continues forth. The latest drop of ‘DAMN’ from the young gemini is a much needed release that follows the politically packed To Pimp A Butterfly. Dating back to interviews even prior to TPAB, Kendrick noted being ‘afraid of going broke’, and debated whether his music would ‘stop’ and how he would be able to get by. An idea far from our minds when referring to one of the most influential and highest-ranking rappers of our generation, but a prior insecurity for the artist.

However, this album confirms a new Kendrick. Kung Fu Kenny spits with a similar vibe but a different viewpoint. DAMN showcases the confidence and assertion that his presence is here to stay without question. From Cornrow Kenny to Kung Fu Kenny, the moniker perfectly defines how he’s coming all 2017.

Now, with that said and done, here’s our TOP FIVE:

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5 Reasons You Should Buy the New Joey Bada$$ Album

posted by Luis Hernandez April 13, 2017

Brooklyn phenom Joey Bada$$ dropped his sophomore project “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$” last Friday and it has quickly risen up the charts. Not only has it made an impact on album sales, it also is being talked about as one of the most important albums to drop in 2017. On the follow up to B4.Da.$$, Joey is hungrier than ever to deliver his message out to the world. It’s not often that artists are able produce a full concept album, however, Joey has done just that. All Amerikkkan Bada$$ is special and here are 5 reasons why you should buy this album to support the rise of the one of the greatest rappers of the our generation.

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Album Review: Our Top 5 Tracks On Kehlani’s ‘SweetSexySavage’

posted by Tali February 7, 2017

As if we could wait any longer, the wonderful Bay Area sensation, so eloquently putting into words what most of us struggle to articulate, has mastered yet another marvelous project. This debut album professes and affirms Kehlani’s self-love and empowerment to women all around. SweetSexySavage showcases her continued growth not only as an artist, but also as a person. It’s unapologetic and fierce, as we all should be. It’s a title that fits perfectly.

For the one that knows exactly what’s on everyones mind, this is our top five tracks from #SWEETSEXYSAVAGE: Continue Reading

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Album Review: Our Top 5 Songs Off ‘Culture’ by Migos

posted by Luis Hernandez February 2, 2017

How did Migos blow up twice? When they dropped Versace in 2013 many people thought that was it. Then with the help of a Donald Glover co sign and internet memes they on top once again. All of this momentum lead to the release of their most anticipated album Culture. After multiple listens, it’s apparent that this legendary rap trio has perfected their sound, dropping their most complete album to date. Culture shows exactly how talented this group is, as they can make hits from turn up tracks to chill songs. Not to mention, their ad-lib game is the strongest it’s ever been with some of their funniest lines coming from this album. Pair that up with producers of the likes of Zaytoven & Metro Boomin, you’re destined to win. In honor of this, here are my top 5 songs off of Culture:

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Dopest Albums of 2016, From Alex

posted by Alex December 26, 2016

As this year comes to a close and lists are brought up, I can’t help but to think of the music projects that shaped my year and made my year so much better. After looking at my list of top albums of 2016, I came to the conclusion that I was more focused on different sounds as well as where each artist’s head was at in the making of their particular project. Yes, The Life of Pablo and Coloring Book are a couple of the top albums of the year, but I’m different and these following works of art have gotten me through this weird 2016. Check em out!

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Project: theWHOevers – R U Down

posted by Alex October 28, 2016


Chicago keeps putting out nothing but dope music this week. Something I have personally been waiting to drop is R U Down from theWHOevers. I was lucky enough to make it out to their listening party last week and got a sneak peak of what to expect. theWHOevers have been putting out nothing but super dope material since we have started following them and I’m not surprised that I find myself grooving to each one of their tracks on this project. With R U Down being only seven tracks long, I’m stuck wanting more music from the creative duo by the time “WHO R U” ends. I really hope this isn’t the last project from the homies as we genuinely love their music and product. Listen to R U Down below.

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Project: Astonish – To Whom It May Concern

posted by Alex October 28, 2016


A couple of days late on Astonish’s new project, but nonetheless we definitely had to feature To Who It May Concern. I have actually listened to this project a few times since it’s release and I was definitely vibing out to each and every track.

When someone puts out a project and claims that “they’ve been through a lot”, you sometimes can’t really feel it in their project. When I listened to To Whom It May Concern the first time, I surely felt everything that Astonish went through. It’s evident that Atonish has imprinted his blood, sweat, tears, feelings and so much more into this offering. I also noticed that Astonish brought the right mix of artists to express his feelings such as Treated Crew’s Mano on “My Theme Song”, JDott (RIP) on “Ride”, Jus’Q on “We Did It” & “Peace”, and Chris Crack on “Triple Beam”. Here’s the perfect scenario to listen to this album: Take a cruise down LakeShore Drive. Start at Montrose and literally go all the way down past South Shore Drive and into that new South Lake Shote Drive on 87th. Park up at Steelworkers Park. Light up. Listen to To Whom It May Concern below.

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Album Review: Our Top 5 Songs on ‘City Club’ by The Growlers

posted by Oscar October 8, 2016

The Growlers - City Club

The Growlers released their new album City Club at the end of September, unleashing to the world their first project under Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records label. The band recruited Casablancas as a producer, but the lead singer of The Strokes was also called upon to lay some vocals on a couple of tracks on the album, and fans will be quick to point out that his influence is quite evident throughout City Club, for better or worse in the eyes of many listeners. The other big difference in the making of this new Growlers album came in a one-two punch including a personnel change that saw the departure of drummer Scott Montoya, and the album was, for the first time, credited to Brooks Nielsen and Matt Taylor as opposed to the whole band/The Growlers. These dynamic changes are definitely a factor in the direction taken with this album, though I will gladly place myself on the side that sees it favorably.

The Growlers are best known for their “Beach Goth” sound, spearheaded by lead singer Nielsen’s monotone vocals weaved into dark, psychedelic surf Rock compositions. For those expecting to hear a continuation of that sound, this album will not deliver on that so it’s understandable why there may be some detractors. But if you truly listen to this album and appreciate it for what it is and what it’s attempting to accomplish, as opposed to how it came about or what previous Growlers albums sound like, you’d find the new direction is hardly a faulty one. The Growlers went New Wave with a touch of Disco, and it’s fucking cool. So after a week of listening to the record in a variety of settings and under different circumstances, I’ve picked out the 5 songs that stand out the most to make City Club a must-hear album for Fall 2016. This wasn’t an easy task and if I had to write this post again tomorrow, my list could be totally different. Look below to find our picks and hit the comments section to list yours. Continue Reading

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Top Five Songs From ‘The Healing Component’ by Mick Jenkins

posted by Tali September 29, 2016

Mick Jenkins theMIND SXSW

Essentially, every project from Mick Jenkins delivers raw verses on unique beats and with time, every project has been better than the one before. All equally filled with great talent and motives. New album The Healing Component is no different. He recruits and works with a familiar bunch and then some. & although the entire album is heat, we had to pick out our top five from the bunch.

Find those below:

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New Project: V!sual – The Ambassador

posted by Alex June 18, 2016


The homie V!sual has been known to work with many up and coming artists from the city. He’s taught them the ropes, he’s taught them the business side of music, most importantly he’s given them the opportunity that many have not. With The Ambassador, V!isual decides to bring along some artists and producers that you may or may not have heard of, but according to V!sual’s ear, they’ve got next! The Ambassador has 10 tracks, 16 artists and 7 producers, making V!sual a true “Ambassador” for the local scene. We were privileged to get a preview of the project a few months back and we definitely co-sign this project. Take a listen to The Ambassador below. Once you are done, make sure to support your local artists by purchasing the project HERE!

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