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Recap: Joseph Chilliams @ Lincoln Hall

posted by Rosario Edwards January 13, 2018

Lincoln Hall was full of good vibes last night as Joseph Chilliams and company took the stage.


First of the female rap duo Mother Nature took the stage and brought the crowds energy way up. Their style is unique in that they are both socially conscious as well as in your face and the vibe was downright fun. Not that those things are mutually exclusive but to see two MC’s on stage talking about society’s problems while making the crowd bounce and groove is a rare site.

Next up came Tunde Olaniran, all the way from Flint Michigan. Tunde took the stage with two dancers who had incredible styled outfits (and multiple changes I might add) as well as slick choreography, the three of them together put on one of the most visually intriguing shows I’ve seen in a while. Tunde himself was all about positivity, he took the stage with grace and confidence. His music kept up the night’s energy, and he made sure that everyone got involved with their dances. Overall I was thoroughly impressed by his attitude and the love that he had for his music and performance. He mentioned how he recently quit his day job to pursue this full time, and I personally believe he’s never going to regret that choice.

Joseph Chilliams finally graced the stage along with fellow Pivot Gang member Squeak Pivot on the boards. While he was performing to a crowd that knew almost all of the words on his 2017 standout “Henry Church”, he still managed to bring out some excellent surprises for his fans. He performed not one but two new tracks, one which featured both a sick Tommy Pickles reference as well as an Action Bronson diss that would have went over most of the crowds head had it not been explained later by his guests.

Speaking of guests, Joseph first brought out MFNMelo to perform “Buck” off of Henry Church as well as a few other fun tracks. The two work together often and it was easy to tell that they love sharing the stage together.

Chilliams also showed off his newest skill, as he performed a handstand walk across the length of the stage. However, that wasn’t the only athletic feat of the night as Squeak Pivot pulled out the full on back flip at the end of the night!

MFN Melo wasn’t the only guest of the night however. Pivot gang’s Saba came out to perform a few tracks, and show off his recently trimmed hair. The three of them performing together was a sight to see.

Chicago’s music scene is continuing it’s rise and it’s great to see everyone starting to come into their own. Check out some more photos below!

Photos and words by: Rosario Edwards





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