The Le Trappeur Tee by OriginalKewl®

posted by Alberto July 14, 2017

OriginalKewl®, a brand out of the Southside of Chicago, will be releasing a brand new tee tomorrow that is an ode to all the hustlers out there. Ricardo “Kewl” Alvarado curates the brand and you can expect a lot more heat from the fellow Southside native. For more on The Le Trappeur Tee , see what Kewl had to say below.

The Le Trappeur Tee is an ode to the hustlers, to the people who wake up and everyday continue to Go Out N’ Get It.

Regardless of your hustle, continue to progress. There’s two types of people those who conform to what is comfortable and those who go against the grain to work towards what is theirs.

A celebration of the hard working self striving to achieve the pursuit of happiness and in turn, a dream. – Ricardo “Kewl” Alvarado

The new tee will be released at noon tomorrow (7/15) via Check out more pics and a promo video HERE.



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