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KYLE & Cousin Stizz Concert Recap

posted by Luis Hernandez April 20, 2017

Last Friday KYLE & Cousin Stizz sold out the Metro and had the Wrigleyville venue going crazy all night. The energy in the place was one that is rarely seen in concerts these days, as everybody who attended left realizing that that night would go down as one of the best of 2017. Here is our recap and watch our footage below of that classic night!

Cousin Stizz

Around 7:30 PM, Cousin Stizz took the stage ready to take the Metro by Storm. Before he came out, his DJ played the”Get the crowd hype” Chicago cheat code by playing “No Problem” and people erupted rapping word for word. Quickly after that, Stizz hit the stage performing hits like “500 Horses”, “Gain Green”, and his new song “Headlock”. With each song, it was clear that Stizz was the ideal opening act, getting the crowd increasingly more energetic with every track. He hit his stride playing tracks such as “Dirty Bands” and closed his set off with his most famous song “Shoutout”. Boston has a legend in the making with Stizz and most importantly KYLE picked the perfect opener for his tour. Watch the footage below!




With the crowd still buzzing from Cousin Stizz, KYLE’s DJ took the stage to turn up the crowd even more, playing hits like “Swag Surf” and “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2”. After finishing his set, KYLE finally hit the stage playing his recent track, “Doubt It” and the audience instantly went crazy. From there KYLE went through fan favorites such as “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” and “It’s All Alright”.

With each song KYLE showed energy that is few artists these days possess, as he incorporated rapping, dancing, and singing into his hour set. Toward the middle of his set he decided to bring out St.Louis and Chicago adopted native Smino, who performed his hit Kolors on stage. KYLE then went through a handful of tracks, finishing off his initial set by surfing the crowd on his own real surfboard. After that, KYLE left the stage with the crowd begging for an encore.

As always, KYLE came through again with an encore set that featured his new track “I Spy” with Lil Yachty and capping off the night with “Really? Yeah!”. I initially came to this concert most excited to see Cousin Stizz and left becoming a huge KYLE fan. He is one of the best live acts out there and it will be exciting to see what else he drops in 2017. For now, check out our exclusive footage below!



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